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How does office white-collar protect skin? What does the office protect skin to want to notice?

Be in the white-collars of the office personally everyday, in face computer, when printer waits equipment of a few office a moment, not only body and mind feels exhaustion, oneself skin also is the all the time is harmed in what get these equipment, the mainest is office white-collars nurse without spare time oneself skin, wanting to should notice the skin more because of such ability, so how does office white-collar protect skin? What does the office protect skin to want to notice?

How does office white-collar protect skin? What does the office protect skin to want to notice? (1)

1, how does office white-collar protect skin

1, had reduced the formation of oxide

Crossing oxide is cause freedom radical advocate because of, if can avoid as far as possible, with respect to OK and effective precaution the cell oxidizes. If eat fry little smoking, less to wait, can avoid what oxide passes inside body effectively to form.

2, clean movement wants gentle

Everyday when clean skin, want to avoid excessive drag skin, the proposal does what middle finger and ring finger can use when clean movement to point to an abdomen, compare the bear that won't create skin.

3, notice at any time protect wet

Shoot the water share of 2000CC everyday, and be carried at any time protect wet product, timely complement, avoid skin to appear dry microgroove.

4, necessary keep apart frost

Before facing computer, should remind everybody a little detail, namely must daub keeps apart frost, but before daub keeps apart frost, scarcely should forget gush a few protect wet sparge, direct gush is on the skin, it is OK to flap gently, protect wet sparge well to still can rise to decide on the face that has made up makeup the effect, kill two birds with one stone.

5, daytime elite besmears more a few but want quality of a material is frivolous

Habit of a lot of OL places a green plant before desk, not only for find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, heavier if increase the amount containing oxygen all round the seat to add. If you still do not have there's still time to prepare it, be about to defend in oneself the method fluctuates time. The expert that protect skin suggests we choose a few quality of a material to fight oxidation elite frivolously to use frivolous and multilayer means, that is to say, elite can divide 2~3 second daub, little lets skin draw energy, gift is nicer resist " ab extra aggression " .

6, want to flap and eye ministry is massaged is not knead

It is longer than sack time that you calculate the time that calculates your to watch computer everyday? Arrive the eye sends acerbity hair to work not to say afternoon, a little black rim of the eye is them beneficent to you, furrow and flabby pouch can feel suddenly particularly apparent at that time. Caress eye week indispensable! So must from work along both lines of field of composition, fashion, the Li of the that shield an eye that be fastidious frost had better choose to contain part of Gan Ju, green tea, green melon, can defer career of eye week oxidation not only, still can remove aplomb to pacify action. Additional, do in eye ministry flap as far as possible and massaging is not knead, flap can accelerate blood to add skin flexibility circularly, and knead is undeserved skin likely however quickly flabby.

7, also should undertake cleanness to skinning by day

When noon break occasional is afternoon tea time can undertake cleanness nurse to skin, bilge of skin of besmear of seasonable Qing Dynasty, avoid long thorough pore harms the skin.

8, often give computer screen remove dust

The radiate of computer screen produces electrostatic adsorptive dust easily, and the little grain that adheres to on screen can increase radiation amount, the dirt of clean fluid eliminate that often should use screen of special and clean liquid crystal.

9, complete and clean skin

Should still notice complete clean skin, be helpful for healthy behavior. No matter skin of which seed coat needs the issue that pay close attention,complete clean skin is, complete clean skin can help us clean the grease with facial redundant ministry and the dirt that bring from the outside to wait a moment, nurse for farther skin had made corresponding preparation. The clean face product that when nevertheless cleanness skins, must choose to suit him skin to pledge, can be just the opposite to what one wished otherwise.

10, face of fruit vegetables apply more effective

Use a few vegetable, have apply face, also be curative effect is pretty good. Protect wet it is to protect skin to taste ability some effect not just, actually melon and fruit ensures wet result vegetably also is first-rate.

What share balsam pear together will ensure wet result below: After balsam pear is abluent, last paper has included the cold storage in putting freezer 15 minutes. The balsam pear section after will be being refrigerated next, even ground abdomen makes piece of face completely, about 20 minutes can.

Balsam pear also is hairdressing effect is magical. Attention, when balsam pear should be used ability section, make very easily otherwise the moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year of balsam pear. , so do not rise to defend wet action.

2, the office protects skin gold period of time

Gold period of time one: Go to work one hour hind

Before right now the distance goes out in the morning protect skin not too long, but the pollution on journey, indoor freedom base had begun to aim at your skin. Take out a bottle of gentle spray the most appropriate nevertheless, fill for skin moisture, consolidate the homework end the flesh before going out. After forgetting to spray equably, need to keep 10 seconds left and right sides, blot of gentleness of reoccupy paper towel, such ability make sure moisture is not dropped by prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

Gold period of time 2: Noon break

the home medium filling water elite and move of bath Facial mask reach the office, besmear first before the film that use a face a filling water elite, later again gently apply one level film, rely on on the back of the chair to close eye sanatorium 15 minutes, moist effect will be very ideal. After bath passes, still suggest you besmear computer is faced after frost of a segregation again, you discover can surprizingly: Segregation frost becomes very close skin. It is OK to if your skin slants,work everyday apply; If you skin,mix or oily, lie between a day to be done.

Gold period of time 3: Before coming off work half hour

If you prepare to work overtime or plan rendezvous, you need this method more: Rinse the face gently with clear water (below the circumstance that does not have bottom makeup) , do not want to wipe water completely, quality of a material not the cream gouge a few with moister however massiness, leave with divide evenly of the centre of the palm and tepid a little while, reoccupy palm pushs area of cheek, T, nose ala all round these 3 significant positions, press the technique that makes a group slightly to massage with be being pressed gently, promote haemal circulation, can ease the condition of oedema.