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How does different skin fill character is water protected wet? What does the skin protect wet error to have?

Skin water is tender, the skin just can look better, but below a lot of circumstances, the skin can lack water, no matter be in burning hot summer, the Qiu Dong that still is dry and cold is seasonal, skin the meeting that lack water poses problem of a lot of skins, need seasonable compensatory moisture, had done keep wet job, how does so different skin fill character is water protected wet? What does the skin protect wet error to have?

How does different skin fill character is water protected wet? What does the skin protect wet error to have? (1)

1, different skin defends wet method character

, sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is easy because use what do not suit to protect skin things to cause skin appearance dry, aglow, desquamate, because this need is attentive,choose protect skin to taste. Because the oneself of sensitive skin is corneous,at the same time layer metabolization force reachs defense force inadequacy, need to use the latex that is close to skin to promote skin to absorb force to reach protect wet power.

Protect skin program: Hot compress + latex Facial mask is protected wet, slow protect wet, rebuild layer of skin skin fat.

1, go up at the face with tepid wet towel apply first 1-2min, open skin pore.

2, beforehand on the basin that wash a face hot water, facial department head washs face basin, chase the latex on layer apply next, the steam that uses hot water is massaged by the side of Bian Fu.

3, after waiting for a latex to be absorbed completely, use latex of remains of towel erase share finally can.

2, oily skin

Oily skin grease is secreted more exuberant, forehead, nose ala has glossy easily, pore is bulky, corneous layer is thicker, skin is not smooth, the exterior is dark yellow, the skin slants alkalescent.

Protect skin program: Relaxed model protect wet make up water or sparge Shi Fu, balance skin water oil.

1, the choice embodies herb essence, the pure dew that has composed skin qualitative effect or make up water (wait like rose, Gan Ju, Lu Hui) the help is slow skin, release skin to absorb ability;

2, will protect skin pure dew next or make up water infiltrates adequately making up on cotton or Facial mask paper, apply face 3min, rapid complement skins water is divided, let skin become immediately water embellish is moving. Make suit him cutaneous to nurse plan!

3, do skin especially

Just as its name implies of especially dry skin is to skin grease is secreted very little, cannot chain water is divided, produce the skin problem such as Gan Wen, desquamate easily. Because this needs to choose,contain high concentration transparent the filling water elite of qualitative acid is the complement end flesh quickly moisture, retain skin water benefit.

Protect skin program: Protect wet elite fluid to become pass the night of thick apply of Morpheus Facial mask.

After clean face, use make up water soft skin, wet elite fluid will be protected later thick thick apply is on the face pass the night, lie between a day to rise sure it is Shui Yang moving.

2, the skin protects wet contraindication

The winter of dry chill, beautiful eyebrow people defend filling water wet carried program, however, period of time went, cutaneous water embellish is spent and did not rise, the skin of a little beautiful even eyebrow is drier and drier, skin filling water is protected wet hind not only without water embellish, dry still instead remove a skin how to do?

One, oversight of blind angle protect wet

Our skin has a lot of dead space, include ear hind, nose, canthus, between the eyebrows, finger to seam wait place a moment, these are the place that pay close attention to not easily, so-called details decides success or failure, be being protected in hairdressing also is this on skin after all, if you often oversight these need keep wet skin a spot as yet untouched by a political movement, how to do again keep job of wet filling water, still also be make a futile effort, so, protect these skin corners wet rise, integral skin just is water embellish it seems that tender slippery!

2, film of face of full day apply

A little beautiful eyebrow for pursuit more the skin of water embellish, film of face of apply of meeting day scope of activity, so true? Actually, Facial mask belongs to very tall nutrition protect wet protect skin to taste, although can be skin infuse moisture and nutrition for an instant, but, every day apply Facial mask, frequency is too tall, also can increase cutaneous harm and burden. Will tell commonly, keep the Facial mask of type of wet filling water, 3 on a week apply two enough, do not need every day apply oh!

3, time of apply Facial mask too long

The skin of very much beautiful eyebrow why drier and drier, because frequency of apply Facial mask is exorbitant,this is, and the time of apply Facial mask also carelessly. Every day apply Facial mask is incorrect, and apply Facial mask exceeded fixed time also is incorrect. You think time of apply Facial mask is longer, does the skin jump over moisture slender? Can not be such oh! The time of apply Facial mask had better be the time that control goes to 20 minutes in 15 minutes, if exceeded this time, Facial mask can begin desiccate, also meet take advantage of an opportunity sucks the skin originally moisture, at that time protected wet noodle film to turn bibulous face into film, the skin is natural also drier and drier, accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people must notice, apply Facial mask cannot exceed 20 minutes stoutly!

4, the frequency that wash a face overmuch

Haze of hiemal dust mist is very serious, empty temperamental quantitative change is poor, the skin that also gives us caused harm, cause the skin dry be short of water to grow a furrow, a little beautiful eyebrow washs facial frequency overmuch, try to give these mist haze clean, actually, hurt cutaneous cutin layer instead so, your facial skin cannot normal exudation grease will protect the skin, the skin also can become drier and drier. Accordingly, wash a face often to make skin Shui Runhe clean, can not be an advisability lift!

5, protect wet sparge is used undeserved

Winter weather is dry, to avoid the skin dry, a little beautiful eyebrow can be used protect wet sparge protect wet skin, this kind of method is convenient quick, however, protect wet sparge to use undeserved cause the skin very easily drier and drier, can not protect for the skin truly wet. If you are in the skin is fat dirty chaos when, gush protects wet sparge, can take bilge pore in, if you just were in sparge gush,this kind of method is the; that cannot take skin surface, the skin also cannot be absorbed, accurate method should be gush after protecting wet sparge, with clean makeup cotton is pressed gently pressure, stimulative cutaneous is absorbed, premise is must undertake below circumstance of clean and clean cutaneous, ability rises to ensure wet result.

3, the United States keeps wet food in vain

1. tomato: Extend smooth skin new wrinkle. Gong Suyou aids contained tomato to make the same score new wrinkle at exhibiting, make the skin delicate and smooth. An experiment discovers, often have tomato, appear not easily still black rim of the eye, and be basked in not easily.

2. grape: Eliminate dark heavy, beauty is white, fight ageing. Reach grape gross pulp one case dolly, join a few delicacy to suckle apply to be in facial ministry, can prevent skin ageing.

3. watermelon: Composed skin, beauty is white, protect wet. Extract the white pulp of watermelon juice to be able to serve as make up water, after knead dough pink is harmonic but present film is used, can make skin water tender smooth.

4. lemon: We know lemon has the beauty white, except knit, the result that defies blain. After we also can extract lemon juice but with its he feeds material to mediate apply is used, want to avoid direct apply to be used on the face nevertheless, its beautiful white effect will be better.

5. yangtao: Remove the stain such as stain. Yangtao contains a lot ofvitamin E, can disturb black pigment inherent, precautionary pigment is ad cool-headed, maintain the skin fair and clear, conduce to eliminate the skin to go up already the stain such as some stain.

6. milk: Heighten skin tension. Milk is the skin in the late evening most the food that like. It can improve skin cell vivid jerk, have defer the skin old and weak, heighten skin tension, remove the effect such as minor lines.

7. soja: Prevent pigment ad cool-headed at the skin. Rich vitamin E is contained in soja, the chemistry that can destroy freedom radical not only is active, restrain skin old and weak thereby, can prevent pigment more ad cool-headed at the skin. 8. Skin: Plentiful skin. Skin is the food that contains a lot ofcollagen albumen and stretch albumen. Collagen albumen can make the cell becomes full, thereby plentiful skin, reduce furrow; stretch albumen to be able to add skin flexibility.

9. kelp: Adjust skin grease is secreted. Kelp is the alkalescent food with mineral rich content, often eat can adjust haemal acid-base value, prevent the skin to secrete grease too much.

10. Lu Hui: The United States is white, protect wet, fight oil, except blain, fight allergy. Aloe flesh is OK and direct apply face, after extracting juice, also can serve as protect wet sparge, the rehabilitate after be being used at basking in.

11. cucumber: Fight anile, hairdressing reducing weight. Alcohol of rich vitamin E, third is contained in cucumber the material such as 2 acid, sylvite, carotene, often edible, can rise to fight consenescence, reduce weight, beautiful fruit of equivalent of spot of white, dispel.

12. on the west orchid: Enhance cutaneous to resist loss ability, beauty is white. On the west C of rich vitamin A, vitamin and carotene are contained in orchid, can enhance cutaneous to fight scathing ability, still conduce to maintain skin flexibility; ketone of 2 sulfur phenolic sulfur, can reduce those who form melanin is enzymatic reach those who prevent skin pigment spot to form.

13. lettuce: Have convergent pore, fight anile, anti-creasing action. After extracting lettuce juice but direct apply is on the face, if can serve as directly after dilute,protect wet water to use, can help us send pore closely, very good moist skin.