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How does spring give skin filling water? What does the small doohickey of spring filling water have?

Spring when, some people skin also can be compared dry, the skin is dry lack water, can appear a lot of problems, need seasonable compensatory moisture, spring can be protected through dietary filling water wet, return the work that can do a few filling water to protect skin, hold the water tender position of skin, so how does spring give skin filling water? What does the small doohickey of spring filling water have?

How does spring give skin filling water? What does the small doohickey of spring filling water have? (1)


1, how does spring fill water


1, the fruit vegetable that eats water content to exceed 70%

Complement to protect wet fruit vegetables appropriately everyday, by inside and outside fight dry. Water content of vegetable, fruity exceeds 70% commonly, even if eats vegetables of 500 grams fruit one day only, also can obtain moisture of 300 much milliliter. Expert of preserve one's health discovers, aloe, lettuce, cucumber, grape, Bai Luobo, celery, grape, pear, apple, orange conduce to moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood.

2, put on desk " work oxygen "

Consider to discover, be in ℃ of 18 ℃ ~25 when indoor temperature, when humidity is 45%~65% , the person's body, thinking can be in groove. The hydrophyte such as bamboo of a green trailing plants, riches and honour, asphodel is raised on desk, perhaps raise two little goldfish to accompany copper cash grass in small aquarium, the lunt that evaporates naturally not only the humidity that can increase local environment, form natural " vivid oxygen " , still can alleviate eyesight is fatigue, make working environment halcyon and sweet.

3, gentle cleanness is tasted and warm water

Use gentle clean things finally, as far as possible invigorator uses those who grind sand mold to wash grandma, can use component to protect wet effect purely to compare the good grandma that wash a face blandly, after climate becomes cold, go after closet, always cannot help comparing fast bath face to perhaps wash his hands with temperature, always feel such already can purify bilge can heat preservation. Actually, hot water can destroy film of cutaneous skin fat, reduce the cuticular capacity that defend water, and capillary of exciting face ministry is outspread, make a person dry itch uncomfortable. So, wash his hands in office toilet in spring, particular attention water is warm when washing a face not too tall.

4, fill to the lip with eye ministry elite water

To particularly easy and dry lip, carrying an embellish lipstick is right choice. But embellish lipstick can fill only oily, cannot fill water, the eye ministry elite that can use Li account gives labial filling water, besmear embellish lipstick chains moisture again next. Remind incidentally, eye ministry product applies to labial ministry basically, no matter be elite or latex, frost, can do a lip already maintain, also agree with labial periderm skin.

5, winter is necessary " do general articles for use " -- protect wet sparge

The moist fluid of sparge type can produce effect when you feel skin is dry, go up toward the face gently one gush, besides insurable wet skin moist, OK also and pure and fresh life-giving. Protect wet sparge well to still can rise to decide on the face that has made up makeup the effect. Should be in especially height is dry place, if be mixed between corners of the mouth, eyebrow,the place such as canthus is strengthened " irrigate " . If spray in cotton piece go up, still can become slow eye film is used.

6, small drink water

When drinking water best small mouth is small ground is drunk, a few for many times, do not want fill is too big, otherwise the body cannot be absorbed effectively. Drink the water of too big mouth, resemble suddenly the heavy rain since is same, circulate especially poor, main and collateral channels is easy the person of block sluggish, can cause the body instead local " be troubled by flood " , namely oedema.


2, small doohickey of spring filling water


1, paper face velar apply makes up water

Skin of ministry of one respecting face lacks water, everybody reacts the first times certainly film of face of dead apply, but use everyday keep face of apply of wet noodle film too too extravagant, want to maintain water embellish skin, small make up proposal sisters to be able to use face of paper film apply. Use common makeup water is on paper Facial mask, toward the face apply is stuck, loosen 10 minutes, instantly expression coruscate, with respect to the spring that can feel skin immediately.

2, bathroom vapour apply face

Want to protect skin while be economical, so skin is being protected when bathe is again good do not pass, inside the bathroom the vapour of hot water can open pore, when apply goes again after bathing keep wet Facial mask, the effect has exceeded absolutely!

3, fixed chamfer pledges

Feel oneself broke a lot of silver finish how to to look to give the effect on skin filling water, be those protect skin to taste trashy? If have such interrogative sisters,might as well actually think how long oneself didn't do corneous work. Should know skin cutin layer gets the influence such as outside ultraviolet ray, temperature, humidity, meeting cock, arrange irregular, cause consequently lack water, it is thick that the skin feels total thick, go up makeup nature is very debatable.

4, skin changes fluid of sensitive tall active elite helps

Arrived seasonal replace when, whether do no matter daub makes up,sisters feel water or latex, skin does not have a law to absorb ooze to arrive in well. Small the path that the fluid of tall active hairdressing that makes up the daub before the proposal sleeps to be able to change skin position is a change. Skin becomes blunt to feel, because the metabolization force of skin drops,be, surface layer accumulates the cutin that removes ageing, and the elite fluid of tall active can promote skin metabolization, strengthen repair function to obtain the change of skin condition.

5, after 10 o'clock hairdressing becomes aware

Cutaneous nurses had better go in order to advance at 10 o'clock in the late evening, because night came at 11 o'clock before dawn 2 o'clock is skin when the cell is most active. After enjoying a shower that loosens completely, the skin nurses begin formally. Xian Jie is clean facial, the ageing of the department of face of drive of chamfer qualitative frost that uses gentleness of quality of a material next is corneous (weekly) . Can spend on half hour to do depth to keep wet noodle film.

6, ability of cleanness of deepness of vapour apply face has been absorbed

Frequent chamfer can cause skin character dry, japanese schoolgirl favores face of use vapour apply to open pore to undertake deepness cleanness then. Cleanness of vapour apply face can keep clear of moderately dirty content, make sure sequel is absorbed unapt harm skin is natural protective screen.

Specific means:

Prepare a hot water, the pore that the steam that uses hot water lets skin is opened thoroughly, as long as slightly fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs 1 minute can; Reoccupy hot water hits wet towel, temperature control is controlled in 40 degrees (can try temperature with the back of hand first oh) , hot towel fold, whole apply is in facial; After waiting for towel to become cool, wipe the bilge that skin rises to gently. Need a few minutes only, dirty content kept clear of thoroughly, for next protect wet absorb had made sufficient preparation!

7, protect wet sparge

Inside the office because opening air conditioning for long, so dry environment to OL people natural enemy is simply for skin. Standing on desk one protects wet sparge, restore effectively to skin water embellish feels, drive away dry. Protect wet model sparge is a kind of the commonnest sparge, form by natural mineral spring or warm spring water commonly, contain many mineral with microelement. Protect wet model sparge besides can undertake to skin at any time and place filling water is moist, can adjust more skin water oil is balanced.

8, massage popularity divides water " by " go in

Skin is massaged besides can promote maintain tasted absorption, what can promote skin more is metabolic, so every are met to Qiu Dong the various skin since popularity massage a method. 4 finger that use both hands above all point to an abdomen, draw a circle gently in chin place; It is a cheek then, from the tenderness outside introversion the ground draws big group 3 times; It is eye week next, encircle 3 times greatly from the picture outside introversion. From facial ministry in the center of outward, arrive from lower part of forehead, eye, chin cheek, gently feeling, massage skin, skin of ministry letting a face becomes the end after resting a bit. But when massaging, want to notice, must slide on the face gently, must not draw a circle on the face rudely, not only cannot improve skin, result of sarcous of ministry of drag in face can cause furrow instead.


3, spring eats what hairdressing


1, lemon

The vitamin C in lemon is particularly rich, want you to think the United States is white only, should meet think of lemon, acid of citric Xi, bitter element, citron and vitamin A, B, C, D, E is contained in lemon, exhaustion of can effective purify feels, improve sarcous job ability, the effect of multiple health care such as cell of activation skin skin.

2, grape

Kind of yellow ketone in the grape it is a kind of puissant antioxidant, can fight consenescence, also can restrain freedom radical, vitamin of magnesian, B a group of things with common features regards vigor as composition, the action; that can remove protection to skin in addition grape much phenol is most strong fight freedom radical element.

3, bizarre if really

The fruit acid in bizarre fruit can restrain the precipitation of corneous cell cohesive force and melanin, effectively purify or desalt shading, improve drying or oily skin. Honey peach honey peach has enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid cleanse is hot, give a person good color, the candy component in peach is higher, unfavorable eat more, lest get fat, take the flexibility of ameliorable skin appropriately.

4, papaya

Papaya has the beauty the effect of white, breast enhancement. Papaya is OK stew or it is to add honey evaporate Chinese flowering quince, it is the top grade of breast enhancement, in papaya embedded have papaya ferment, can decompose protein and saccharide, can decompose adipose help to reduce weight more.

5, cherry

Fruit acid is contained in cherry, use at apply, but purify ageing is corneous, if daub is in furrow place, but beautiful white ruddy skin, go knitting clear spot, the vitamin C in cherry is important antioxidant, but the United States is white, prevent melanin to form.