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How does the summer go out to prevent bask in? Is the summer prevented bask in stick person what is there?

In the summer when, a lot of people can have been done defend the work that bask in, but although some people know to defend the value that bask in, but adopt a few impertinent means to prevent bask in, bring about skin to be injured, need to notice to avoid these preventing to bask in a method at ordinary times, so does the summer go out how to be prevented bask in? Is the summer prevented bask in stick person what is there? Everybody introduction is below.

How does the summer go out to prevent bask in? Is the summer prevented bask in stick person what is there? (1)

1, the summer is prevented bask in small stick person

1, avoid to insolate, before going out, want Tu Fang is basked in

Keep away from as far as possible sunshine is the most intense came at 10 o'clock in the morning afternoon at 3 o'clock, especially summer. When going out, must be in before going out (before including to come off work) 20 minutes of daub are prevented bask in frost, go out on firm besmear otherwise, be equal to the skin not to defend expose in ultraviolet ray point-blank below. Wear a hat as far as possible even additionally, maintain parasol, Dai Taiyang glasses, wear pants of long sleeve garment, although hit,prevent bask in an umbrella to also want Tu Fang to bask in frost, because ultraviolet ray can pass ground reflex,go up to the face.

2, prevent bask in a key place fastens oversight

Tell from facial features discretion, because afore-mentioned positions belong to high smooth area, raised place attracts ultraviolet ray more easily, prevent bask in inadequacy to form stain easily. Can increase moderately so prevent the multiple that bask in frost, can avoid color of skin so not divide evenly problem, outdoors seaside chooses PA+++ talent is the most suitable.

Additional, corners of the mouth and nose ala two places also are to brush prevent when basking in easy uncared-for place, brush in whole face prevent after basking in, can fill gently with middle finger by a few prevent bask in frost, prevent daub not all.

3, prevent bask in must fill besmear

No matter much more powerful prevent bask in frost, want to undertake filling besmearing, even if waterproof is prevented bask in frost, when also can swimming, be given erasure by the towel that you brush a body. So, remember repeating smear to prevent bask in. If outdoors activity, sweat of environmental frowsty thermal current is much, the likelihood is not about to fill to 1 hour Tu Yi if second; is to be in the indoor and cool and refreshing environment that does not have sunshine insolate, 5-6 hour complements can.

4, waterproof model prevent bask in frost to want discharge makeup

Be not water proofing property prevent bask in frost to be able to be washed with Wen Shui can, and prevent to water proofing property bask in frost, because of among them abiding recipe, waterproof recipe, the grandma that wash a face is washed come as " lie between the garment to bathe " , so, use discharge makeup oil first " with oily dissolve oil " , discharge of the the most effective, most moderate land eliminates ability clean. If not complete discharge makeup, jam very easily pore, cause blain.

5, prevent bask in should full amount

If say to brush,prevent bask in the word that tastes devoid quantity, so, even if did prevent bask in and did not do prevent bask in and do not have what difference. According to delibrate discovery, of even if SPF50 prevent times higher bask in, if daub measures the in part under the standard, that wants only about of SPF4 defend the effect, and cutaneous nature of the person defends function also is controlled in SPF4.

The dosage of quality of a material of lacteal frostlike powder is in about 2 earthnut size, water breeds the dosage of quality of a material is equivalent to 2 dime about, first Tu Jizhong, lie between 10-15 minute besmear again another, such easier daub are average, do not omit ear alertly, neck place.

6, daub is prevented the gimmick that bask in an agent should be patted

Daub is prevented basking in frost is patted, take right amount at pointing to occasional the centre of the palm, gently dizzy after leaving, the place that bask in is prevented to be patted in need, pat divide evenly can. Prevent the member that bask in frost very big, do not knead more, massage more squeeze it forcedly into pore, in that way very easy " rub mud " , also can jam pore, reduced instead prevent bask in effect.

7, cloudy weather also wants Tu Fang basks in frost

Even if cloudy weather, also want to undertake preventing basking in, because of the UVA in ultraviolet ray even if the cloudy day also is existence. You do not feel it, but it is to cause skin cancer, furrow and immune force to drop the mainest reason (UVA can penetrate the transparent glass) that did not prevent ultraviolet coating, cloud layer is right for UVA ultraviolet ray, remove less than allowing almost why segregation action, all UVA ultraviolet ray can penetrate cloud layer, that is to say the ultraviolet ray of 90% can penetrate cloud layer, only dim when the sort of thick cumulonimbus layer ability stops partial ultraviolet ray, the product that selects so also wants those who contain PA cost to be certain prevent bask in frost, the index of the choice is OK SPE15, PA+ is enough.

8, should choose low SPF index to prevent bask in frost, for many times daub

To the skin that Yi Min feels, if not be outdoors activity, had better choose low index prevent bask in frost, because not be this is prevented,bask in an index taller, prevent it is better to bask in the effect. Contrary, SPF index is higher, contained chemical material is more, big to skinning harm also is jumped over. So, to OL a group of things with common features MM people, perhaps skin flimsier crowd, had better be choose low multiple prevent bask in frost, the kind that takes smear for many times can.

9, complement to the body more vitamin C, fight oxide qualitative

Contain vitaminic C to skin smear more, with effective dose. It can be covering the skin, defend the contaminative position in air, and of repair sun bask in. Eat the food that includes antioxidant more, be like: Green food, la Mei, hami melon and of all kinds melon. These food can make the collagen in your skin increases. Additional, salmon and white of an egg can moist skin, and repair skin damage.

10, the rehabilitate after basking in is aplomb above all filling water

The first the beauty after basking in's white thing is not the beauty on the horse white, it is filling water however, do not think summer sweat need not fill more water, actually sweat took away the moisture inside the skin, bask in in the sun especially afterwards, the water portion of skin is many prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the skin will be very dry, undertake beautiful white work won't get effective at this moment. Make appliance has first so composed, the product of filling water gives skin compensatory and enough moisture, the beauty has after repair first white.

2, what does the summer eat to prevent bask in

One, eat the fruit that contains a lot ofdimension C everyday.

Female fruit of guava, yangtao, strawberry, emperor or it is orange kind OK.

2, right amount absorb yellow gules vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits of yellow of gules, tangerine and dish of bottle green leaf, wait like carrot, mango, tomato, Chinese flowering quince, hollow dish, contain a large number of carotene, conduce to fight oxidation, enhance skin strength. Nevertheless, this kind of food cannot eat too much, let color of skin easily appear otherwise " of Huang Huang " .

3, often eat bean products.

The different yellow ketone in soja is estrogen of sex of a kind of plant, it also is had fight oxidation ability, it is the female maintains burnish a kind of food with delicate indispensable skin. In soybean products, bean curd, soya-bean milk is better choice. And other treatment bean products, if the beans does the skin that reach a beans to wait, quantity of heat is a lot of higher than general bean curd.

4, catch a nut when snacks.

To the skin, having the oil that receive may be " angel " , also may be " diabolical " , the key sees what you eat is which kinds. The vegetable oil in nut contains a lot ofvitamin E likely, can help fight oxidize and eliminate freedom radical. Additional, if you take rice meal, white bread at ordinary times, the proposal changes have complete grain! Because " eat so that jump over thick, skin finer " .

5, come a cup of hot cocoa.

Numerous science considers to be chocolate wash injustice, confirm it is good to health good food, because be contained in chocolate,fight oxide richly, if cocoa is much phenolic, kind yellow ketone, right amount absorb beneficial to the skin.

6, everyday two cups of tea.

Researcher discovery, drink green tea or be the health protection that edible contains green tea part is tasted, can let bring about the skin to bask in injury, flabby and cross oxide coarsely to decrease make an appointment with 1/3. General and healthy person drinks tea preserve one's health, everyday 2~4 cup is more appropriate.

7, corn.

Adage says " eat so that heal thick, skin heals fine " , complete corn contains many vitamin B group reach E, it is to help the skin enhance resistance to reach recover from an illness the important nutriment of ability.

8, watermelon.

Watermelon water content is the first of all in the fruit, suit the loss of moisture of summertime complement human body particularly so. Eat watermelon to be different from drink water or beverage, it is the complement of moisture not just to human body, still contain in watermelon juice a variety of important healthful the chemical composition with hairdressing, be like a variety of amino acid that have skin physiology active. These part are easy be absorbed by the skin, moist to facial cutaneous, nutrition, prevent bask in, whitened the effect is better.

9, citric.

The lemon that contains rich vitamin C can promote metabolism, defer anile phenomenon, beautiful Bai Danban, receive cutin of fine fur aperture, bate layer and your skin luster. According to research, lemon can reduce skin cancer incidence of a disease, the lemon juice that wants one spoon left and right sides only every week can drop the incidence of a disease of skin cancer 30% . Still have orange, yangtao, pimiento and strawberry with what lemon has similar action.

10, nut.

Air conditioning, wind is blown, insolation can use up the moisture in the skin. What contain in nut is not saturated and adipose have profit very much to the skin, can from inside and nonlocal bate skin, prevent furrow, protect at the same time wet, make skin settle on light last year. But do not count on get effect instantly, normally need just can make 30 days the skin is improved somewhat.