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How does the summer maintain the skin white tender? Is the summer prevented bask in have why to abstain from?

Burning hot summer to friend of a lot of females it is catastrophic simply, because how had been some female friends done in summer without giving thought to,prevent bask in measure to still can suntan, what reason is this? Because,this is of some female friends prevent bask in measure to be done so that perhaps say to be done incorrectly in the round not quite. So how does the summer maintain the skin white tender? How should be the summer prevented bask in?

How does the summer maintain the skin white tender? Is the summer prevented bask in have why to abstain from? (1)


? One, how to maintain the skin white tender

1, long bask in easy occurrence sunlight quality dermatitis

A lot of females wait for semiotic happening except allergy of care ultraviolet ray, dermatitis, still wait for skin problem to pay close attention to particularly to Chloasma. Occurrence pigment of the meeting after the skin is basked in is ad cool-headed, spot subsequently and come, long insolation, huang Heban also can accentuate. Small write a proposal, generally speaking, as far as possible not long the station is basked in below sunlight, when going out, sunglasses, cap, sunshade can rise to protect action.

2, be far from photosensitive feeling to eat " sweet " fasten go out

Say from food, some feed material to belong to photosensitive feeling, enter system inside hind, absorb ultraviolet radiation extremely easily, can make the skin kind the growth of melanin cell, bring about the skin to produce Chloasma thereby or pigment is ad cool-headed. Be like potherb, grey dish, three-colored amaranth, take the vegetable of special fragrance and condiment especially, wait like caraway, celery, fennel, Chinese prickly ash. Additional, a few medicaments also are photosensitive sensibility, the antiphlogistic drug that often takes like people, depressor cause photosensitive possibly to feel. Although these feed material to have smooth sensitivity, can make splash form, but do not make clear, people cannot have these food in summer. Food has digest absorption process, after wanting to eat only, do not bask in to the outside immediately, be no problem. If ate the dumpling of fennel stuffing in the evening, went out to be no problem the following day. Dan Regang eats the dumpling of fennel stuffing to be basked in below the sun, give an issue so easily.

3, eat congee of the seed of Job's tears to prevent pigment to generate

A lot of people know E of dimension C and dimension can be beautiful prevent in vain bask in, the summer begins to take this kind of medicaments, people often says " medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill " , need not take drug actually, eating a few fruit vegetableses that contain a lot ofE of dimension C, dimension more is better than medicine. To this, professor of the Kingdom of Wei promotes dietotherapy preserve one's health, want to prevent pigment ad cool-headed can eat congee of tuckahoe of the seed of Job's tears, the seed of Job's tears 15 grams, red jujube boils 50 grams, tuckahoe 56 times together congee, not only can be good at lienal benefit is wet, OK still beautiful white skin.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says the energy of life that protect a stomach, vital energy having a stomach is raw, the gas that do not have a stomach dies, gastric vital energy is raw. Benevolence of the seed of Job's tears is to come loose in Chinese traditional medicine wind stops pain medicaments, be good at lienal benefit is wet. Arrive since tuckahoe be good at lienal the action in closing, big jujube filling gas, blood. 3 makings close to boil the congee of the seed of Job's tears that go out, can have interest wet, be good at the lienal, action in closing, add the effect that big jujube and tuckahoe calm the nerves, also have stimulative effect to Morpheus. But dietotherapy is not to eat to be able to get effective, need takes the effect since ability for long.

4, " 3 melon juice " apply face remedies after basking in, hurt

A lot of people like to use Facial mask beauty white, actually, chinese traditional medicine can make us relaxed the United States is white. The root of Dahurian angelica is to come loose wind, go cold, painful Chinese traditional medicine. Local invigorate the circulation of blood changes the intention of silt, make local metabolization and haemal circulation. fine pink of wear of the root of Dahurian angelica, plus pearl powder, can calm the nerves already, can beautiful white, you mix these two even later, can mediate with yoghurt or egg white the effect that still can have to cause skin closely.

Additional, the hectic after somebody is basked in, swell, conditional family but cucumber, towel gourd, balsam pear " 3 melon juice " face of the apply after extracting juice, can treating as is after be being basked in remedy measure. Because sex of cucumber, balsam pear is cold, basically have the effect that clear hot detoxify slants. The broken bits after extracting juice also but " become useless to be treasure " , if arm was basked in by the sun, but apply of cucumber broken bits above. And towel gourd heats up detoxify besides Qing Dynasty besides, can promote local blood circulation, still have tender skin, beauty's white effect. Additional, fry soup of towel gourd, towel gourd, have profit to the skin. Anyhow, these 3 melon are put together, you extract the juice that come out, to as a result of the skin that after insolating, appears red have very good effect.


2, the summer is prevented bask in have why to abstain from

1, avoid to be in midday goes out

UVB can be as high as 150 times of morning and evening in the radiation intensity when midday. It is OK to avoid to go out in midday so remove ego to protect action.

2, prevent bask in an index should tall

Prevent bask in an index not tall, let prevent the effect that bask in directly not beautiful, bring about easily instead besmear blacker more. Especially sensitive skin is brought about easily still inflammation and blacken. If a few content are prevented rationally,bask in composition not the word of beautiful, bring about pore easily still to jam, then produces melanin accumulation.

3, prevent bask in frost to should be in after protecting skin to taste daub

Prevent the protection that basks in frost to depend on not merely prevent the on any account that dries composition and coefficient, wiped ply is mixed also was main factor equably.

Prevent bask in frost to should be in after protecting skin to taste daub. Protect wet product to have fat dissolve sex, if enclothe,be in prevent bask in on, will attenuant or deliquescent prevent bask in composition, make prevent bask in lose a function, and prevent it is OK to bask in composition penetrable other product and be absorbed by the skin.

4, seasonable daub is prevented bask in frost

The time interval that prevents the daub that bask in frost cannot too short, the proposal had better be 4 hours daub. Because walk for long below sunshine, of high temperature hot and dry feeling, bring about very easily prevent the composition that basks in frost to be given to volatilize by moisture, so perfect health protection tastes a proposal, prevent bask in frost to must fill in time besmear, such ability are achieved prevent truly bask in the effect.