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How are this beautiful in the winter white? How should protect in the winter wet?

Arrive in the winter, our skin can stretch tight closely dry, if maintain carelessly, the skin still is met coarse dark heavy, so friends of a lot of females are met to in the winter all the more pay attention to the skin that caresses oneself. Protect skin to the first pace affirms even if fill water is protected wet, when protect wet job to finish, can have beautiful white job. So how are this beautiful in the winter white? How should protect in the winter wet?

How are this beautiful in the winter white? How should protect in the winter wet? (1)


One, how should beautiful in the winter white


1, the United States is about in vain drink water more

Very much person did not drink the habit of water in the morning, actually everybody missed a best beautiful white opportunity, when that just gets up namely, this moment how you drink one dock-glass water, the cell that can invite the body absorbs enough moisture, reduce the occurrence of melanin, have very good beautiful white effect.

2, enough sleep is the United States white key

Morpheus is best beautiful white method, human body begins to rest gradually in each organs inside the rear body 10 o'clock, and the skin also enters metabolization phase in this time, according to considering to discover, insist to sleep everyday 8 hours can make your skin more white fair-skinned beautiful.

3, prevent bask in the job very important

Actually very much belle is whiter, but because was not prevented very well,be basked in, the skin that causes oneself is blacker and blacker, especially summer, if was not done good,nurse measure, skin of a few weeks meets have more than is needed become black, say United States eyebrow should have done everybody to prevent so bask in measure, go out can hit an umbrella, can besmear a few prevent bask in frost.

4, want beautiful white much draft if really

Very much food also can have the United States' white effect to the skin, for instance fruit, the edge contains enough vitamin here, want to eat these food more only, the skin will be whiten.

5, milk is beautiful white

Prepare a cup of milk at ordinary times, you can put milk in the period of time in freezer, take next, use make up cotton sucks a few milk, apply is in 10 minutes on the face, next make up cotton gets off, wash a face with clear water, hold to period of time, beautiful white effect is apparent.

6, follow cucumber beauty with egg white in vain

Prepare an egg, take the egg white inside put in the bowl, go taking a few flour to be aspersed on egg white next, go taking two cucumber again, think out method extracts cucumber juice, fall into the bowl, with handle gently make it of light agitate divide evenly is mushy, before sleeping in the late evening can first well wash wash a face, next on apply this content, after waiting 20 minutes, wash the face clean, beautiful white effect is very pretty good.


2, how should protect in the winter wet


1, labial ministry is protected wet -- embellish lipstick

When protecting a lip with the lipstick, use everyday had better not exceed 3 times. Choose as far as possible hydrous model lipstick, its are moist the effect is better. Be in the 2nd times, when the 3rd daub, the paper that the attention uses clean after the lipstick mop of second remain before towel general is clean again daub, the dirt that prevents adsorption enters the mouth. After coming home in the evening, can use balm embellish lip, because its provide moist and waterproof function not only, still do not contain any harmful to human body chemical material.

2, eye ministry is protected wet -- edible medlar

Mouthfeel is sweet and this kind of Chinese traditional medicine is small acerbity, it is one of optimal food of blood of essence of benefiting liver kidney, the meeting inside edible rear body produces blood of enough essence of life, fall in the guidance of medlar, hurry to eye ministry to work for a short while, ravages of a drought is alleviated very quickly. Regard dried fruit food and Chinese traditional medicine as material, its quantity cannot too little, also cannot too much, reach left hand, one small hold in both hands just good, want to eat everyday.

3, brothers nurses -- balm + honey

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks balm and honey are moisten the respiratory tract protects skin taste excellently, mix these two kinds of liquids, daub is on brothers, last on the bag next film, last 10 minutes, have very good effect to moist brothers. In the center of increasing limb motion trunk is the body, limb is the end of the body, hand and sufficient it is the end in end more, can water divides amiable blood to distribute insufficient case. The place that blood of this kind of shade shorts also is easy and dry place. And right amount games accelerates those who enrage blood to move apparently, the blood that increases brothers ministry thereby is supplied. The proposal chooses a ping-pong or momentum of carry of this kind of limb compares badminton big project.

4, facial protect wet

1, by hand black

Contain glycerine, have ensure the wet result that lock up water outstandingly, do not stimulate blandly, and can arise very the bubble that loves to abound, bilge of skin of deep-seated scour off while, won't destroy the corneous layer of skin like fruit acerbity product. After clean face, glycerine diaphragm is formed in skin surface, won't take up, reduce moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

Can say, manual black is cleanness is tasted not only, and still protect skin to taste.

2, honey yoghurt Facial mask


(1) spun yarn cloth is put on screen pack, next yoghurt (best choice does not have candy yoghurt) fall, quiet place overnight, the redundant moisture in letting yoghurt filters.

(2) one spoon acacia is joined to spend honey in yoghurt, the daub after mix is even is on the face, quiet place 5-10 is cleaned after minute can.


Lactic acid composition is contained a lot ofin yoghurt, not only have very pretty good protect effect of wet filling water, and the effect that still chamfer pledges, the luster that restores skin quickly and tender slip.

3, protect wet wash grandma

Can deep-seated cleanness and aggrandizement is protected wet, the leather fat of thoroughly can abluent facial and oily area and dirt, help dry place retain moisture effectively at the same time, make skin harmonic and consistent, bright clean is soft. Best edible is downy do not have stimulation, progressively recuperation, drying place can become moist, fat place becomes bright is comfortable.

4, Morpheus Facial mask

The colloid part that the Gao Nong in Morpheus Facial mask spends has velar sex, the moisture in can preventing corneous layer volatilizes, even if still can hold water tender position in air conditioning room or cold and dry winter skin. Accordingly, morpheus Facial mask maintains this kind those who taste the result raising skin with have certain to dry flesh. If a few leather fat rehabilitate that are similar to composition of albumen of passageway of nerve acyl amine, water or vegetable fat photograph can be found in product ingredient watch kind composition, that effect is more perfect.