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Does pore jam how should do? Is pore bulky how should contract?

Every female friend hopes oneself facial ministry skin can smooth and delicate, but always have aggravating skin problem comes out block up we. Friend of a lot of females brings about the pore on the face to jam because of all sorts of reasons, pore jams can let rectify piece of face to look rough whole, still can make the skin looks dark sunken luster next, so we must take pore problem seriously rise. So does pore jam how should do? Is pore bulky how should contract?

Does pore jam how should do? Is pore bulky how should contract? (1)


One, pore jams how to do


1, hold to move substantially

Do the exercise with bigger range more, can promote metabolism, quicken haemal circulation. Make the toxin inside human body, waste material seasonable from the eduction inside body. Make the skin is in perspire ceaselessly in the process, maintain pore unobstructed, try in time to clean subsequently. This method is expensive holding to. For skin health, MM people cannot lazy.

2, jam dredge pore

Breast of the face that use clean cleans facial ministry clean, install a hot water next, the face to basin upper part, let ministry of vapour water straight tup, reused wool towel laps 3 minutes, make pore open, what reoccupy has disinfected with 75% alcohol tampon beforehand is medical inject pinhead (5-7 date) needle cap or acne implement the skin of brim of blandly extruding acne, can squeeze acne come out.

3, nightly let the skin passes easily

Face department of thoroughly clean face wants before sleeping, the rubbish that will skin place is absorbed that day clears clean. And daub quality of a material protects skin product relaxedly. Scarcely can cross many ground daub frost of a few nutrition, ointment is waited a moment. Make as far as possible the skin is in nightly can enter more relaxed, expedite state, have breath adequately.

4, avoid the feeling that use a hand acne

If bulky problem has brought about pore,you grew acne, want special attention at this moment, always avoid to feel the acne that already grew often with the hand, want to overcome the undesirable habit that presses acne with hand mob chaos especially. Because the bacterium on the hand is easy,affect the skin, may stay cave sexual scar.

5, make good clean skin the job

The MM with oily qualitative skin, OK and proper use accuses breast of oily clean face. When cleanness is facial, should add massage effect best. With double finger abdomen direction of suitable skin grain massages 3-5 gently minute, so that enhance clean face to protect the decontamination power that skin tastes, wash clean with Wen Shui or warm hot water next. Such, can keep clear of thoroughly the dirt on the skin, oil dirtied that day.

6, notice daily diet

Besides the processing on skin, it is very important also to be moved inside. On dietary respect, want to avoid to eat adipose, high in syrup, acrimony, panbroiling food less, excitant drink also wants to notice, wait like liquor, coffee. Had better be can have the boiled water with fruit, vegetable, much tepid water more.


2, pore is bulky how to do


1: Pearl powder + milk

Take right amount pearl powder and milk, will both mix together mix is even, milk deal wants moderate, make mushy can. Apply at facial, wait for 15 minutes or so to be cleaned clean, hold to 2 times every week, insist to use have protect very well wet moist the effect with convergent pore, the schoolgirl with dry skin's OK and right amount accretion is trifling honey. Avoid pure milk as far as possible, because its composition forms grease easily, time grew to cause pore easily to jam.

2: Chestnut skin + honey

Take a peel inside chestnut to grind wear powder shape, join right amount honey, both mix is even can. The Facial mask spread that will controlled at facial ministry, 15 minutes or so clean clean. The attention must choose fresh chestnut endodermis, such ability achieve contractive pore, moist result. The honey that tastes with hairdressing emperor thinks combinative result is very strong.

3: Egg white + olive oil + lemon juice + thick salt

Right amount lemon juice, olive oil, thick salt will be joined in egg white, quantity material mix is so even. After been make even apply at facial, wait for when working partly, undertake facial ministry is massaged. Thick salt can improve corneous problem, olive oil can help moist skin, egg white is the key of contractive pore, lemon basically is to achieve the United States' white effect. A week probably 1-2 second, the bulky pore that insists for a long time to be able to let you disappears without footprint, and skin is smooth still and delicate clinking.

4: Yoghurt + honey

Join yoghurt right amount honey to mix agitate even can. The Facial mask paint that will made at facial, 20 minutes or so clean clean. Honey has multiple hairdressing to protect skin effect, not only OK and convergent pore, still can make skin tender slippery. With the confluence of yoghurt, added the flexibility of skin, return the United States at the same time white skin.

5: In vain vinegar + glycerine

Agitate mixes into right amount glycerine in the drop in white vinegar even, can use as bright skin water, quality of a material is relaxed not fat. Also can immerse Facial mask paper to do Facial mask to use among them. Hold to 2~5 everyday minute, probably a week can get effective. White vinegar and glycerine have the effect of the contractive pore, diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, moist skin.