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How is period raised afterwards colour? Via what eating afterwards is the month good?

? ? ? ? ? ? The schoolgirl is not willing mostly the arrival of period, because period of a lot of time can make a schoolgirl very painful, the advent of little imagine period has a lot of profit to the woman, period reduces weight, period is raised colour, actually period also is to reduce weight afterwards raise colour inning, period can be achieved euqally afterwards raise colour of the purpose, how is that period raised afterwards colour? Via what eating afterwards is the month good?

How is period raised afterwards colour? Via what eating afterwards is the month good? (1)


One. Feminine period raises Yan Fang standard

1, it is skin with the fruit United States colour

The fruit is a good thing, eat to be able to provide nourishment for human body not only to the fruit, and still can offer nutrient for skin, so females must use these days to raise Yan Pin like that well:

Cherry, protect a lip optimal food. Did winter arrive do females feel skin desiccate? If the lip is the clearest position, of labial dryasdust, some still can remove a skin. Might as well right now cherry taking a place, it can let a lip become moist, perhaps say to extract cherry juice, wipe juice go up in the lip, the cherry red composition in such cherry can stop in the period of time on the mouth, let a lip no longer so dry.

Pomegranate, filling water " god implement " . The fruit acid in pomegranate can help skin imbibe, want to carry the sentence of pomegranate filling water, can eat to also can use pomegranate juice directly direct apply is on the face, the time of apply is controlled for ten minutes about, it is OK to the face with clear water the face is washed clean later.

2, raise to skin with scented tea colour

A. Peach blossom tea, tipple can hairdressing is raised colour, because its are contained,raise colour the nutrient composition such as indispensable vitamin C. Bubble way is very simple also, want to choose 10 grams to do peach blossom to be put into the teacup only, reoccupy boiling water develops bubble, give taste can drinkable.

B. On the west safflower tea, tipple can be scanty liver solves gloomy, recuperate airframe, the color of skin that improves a woman is dark heavy. Bubble law is to had had 1 gram on the west safflower, with boiling water strong bubble gives taste can.

C. Tea of Chinese rose lotus, tipple has the effect of dispel splash. Because of effeminate blood smooth ability can have good color, and the effect that lotus has invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, whitewashed extravasated blood make gas blood smooth, achieved the result of with a kind and pleasant countenance naturally. Bubble law is to prepare 15 grams lotus and 6 grams, taste gives to bubble with boiling water later can.

D. Scented tea of Forsythia suspensa bullion, tipple can dispel blain is raised colour. Because honeysuckle has clear heat to discharge poisonous effect, when the toxin inside body by eduction hind, skin nature becomes smooth time before white tender appearance. The practice is equipment good honeysuckle and Forsythia suspensa each 10 grams, the decoct that use water is planted 30 minutes, a little air is cool become a little while tea is drinkable.


2. It what eat after period is good that what eats after period

1, delicate food

In menstruation just in period of time, food must want to notice to assure with delicate give priority to, notice food still should have even besides easy digest the characteristic that contains a lot ofnutrition, have such women to period only talent is first-class. Expert proposal, in period around, female should as far as possible the food that eats a few high protein more, resemble legume for instance, the high protein food such as fish. Return the vegetable that should raise a few greenery more and fresh fruit besides, be in at the same time the attention with period even special around drinks water more, will maintain defecate unobstructed with this, reduce pelvic congestion. The many vegetable that raises a few greenery and fresh fruit

2. Tall fiber food

The female must eat food of a few much fibrous to resemble vegetable more after period, the fruit is waited a moment, these contain many fiber not only in food, still contain magnesium, do not have OK and very good adjustment menstruation.

3. Vitamin B food

The problem with good what has after facing period, a few food that contain vitamin B are indispensable likewise, the expert suggests to be able to eat the food such as a few walnut, cashew, dry beans more, rich in these food contain many vitamin B. Besides the female still should eat more after period a few contain a lot ofthe food that has protein, and had better be from white flesh kind absorb in food, wait like bean curd, cruelly oppress, chicken for instance, these food not just protein content is very rich, still do not contain saturated fatty acid at the same time, suit very much to the female.

4. Enrich the blood food

If older woman is measured in menstruation menstruation, if long-term and such and if adopting remedy in time, this part female was about to notice, should eat more after menstruation and menstruation every time some have enrich the blood the food of effect, wait like spinach, candied date or jujube, red food, currant for instance. These contain many iron in food, can help female cure and precaution be short of iron sex anaemia.

After period the female still wants to notice her food more, if eating, these food still can treat menstrual disease, have profit to the body.