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How can be pouch eliminated? What method can eliminate pouch?

No matter present person is to go to work to still go to school everyday very painstaking, stay up late work overtime stay up late study, the likelihood also has a few people to play a mobile phone to stay up late, going up food also not the rule, still like those who weigh to have a few bitter taste. The eye began to go on strike, pouch of all sorts of black rim of the eye will illuminate came over. So how can be pouch eliminated? What method can eliminate pouch?

How can be pouch eliminated? What method can eliminate pouch? (1)

Introduction of preserve one's health: How is pouch eliminated? Go what does the method with the most effective pouch have? The youth nowadays likes to stay up late mostly, plus food not the rule, the eye appears very easily black rim of the eye, pouch dropsy. So how is pouch eliminated? Go what does the method with the most effective pouch have? The small craftsmanship that purify pouch sees together below.

How is pouch eliminated

1, little arduous taste food

Food and bloated relationship are close, eating thing can be behaved go up in the body, because this wants to eat salt and the food that weigh taste less as far as possible, eat the food with a few delicate flavour as far as possible.

2, have drain off water more food

Ormosia, Yi benevolence, cucumber, watermelon is good drainage feeds capable person, be helpful for subsidence of a swelling.

3, diligent bubble bath

Immerse the whole body in Wen Shui, use water Wenlaidi is tall the metabolism of the body, stimulative blood circulates, can divide redundant water and trash from eliminate inside body.

4, insist to move

The friend that often moves, no matter be color, posture or health is close friends than average person, facial ministry is not easy also bloated, do gymnastics of motion having oxygen, extend more the effect is best.

5, little absorb cold cool food

Cold cool food, cold drink make intestines and stomach easily tired out, increase burden of intestines and stomach, make the moisture sluggish inside body stays thereby, want to eat cold food less, even if freezing breast makes provision, eat to also can increase the burden of intestines and stomach more, acerbity even food also can bring about the seeper inside body.

6, eat calcium more the food that abounds character

Absorb calcium to be able to help the redundant moisture content that produces because of salinity inside eduction body character more at ordinary times, wait for the food that contains calcium to be abounded character like apple, Su Mi, hyacinth bean and boreal bean curd, in addition, the head of garlic, red wine, carry child, chili, chicken, Su Mi also can promote moisture loop and diuresis action, might as well eat more.

Go pouch the most effective method

1, mechanical goes pouch

Alleged mechanical goes pouch, use outside force namely or the motion of eye oneself, stimulative eye ministry circulates, will obtain the means of dispel pouch with this. Mechanical goes pouch has two kinds of idea, the first kind is your thinkable, massage law goes pouch. Use breathing space everyday, cross-eye bag place is massaged gently, time control is controlled in 5 minutes, pouch eye frost goes on the besmear after massage end, the effect is better. Type of the 2nd kind of method has palpebral campaign, make eyelid successive close control in 100, daily hold to, after accomplishing a many week so, you can discover pouch is less and less, had disappeared even.

2, use hot compress to go pouch

Hot compress can promote haemal circulation, OK and natural detumescence. If use briny hot compress, the effect will be more apparent. Dissolve in hot water with fine salt above all, a few minutes are in with towel dip next in brine, twist the apply after working to be on the eye, shut eye to rest a few minutes, vibrissa towel has begun cool below reassume, pouch eye frost goes on abluent besmear. Such holding to that come down, you can discover your pouch is less and less.

3, additional key point ministry nutrition

When we discover we have pouch, know oneself need the eye frost of besmear dispel pouch, this is very correct, the colleague is written down so that cross-eye ministry has deepness filling water even, eye film is very necessary choice. Can go by force with filling water function pouch eye film is stuck, every other is used one day, notice eye ministry skin is massaged gently at the same time, those who strengthen moisture and nutrition absorb, help you at an early date take out pouch.

4, adjust food goes pouch

Purify pouch, must notice food, excitant food wants to put an end to, often have the boiling water of some of filling collagen albumen, also can fill some of food that contains a lot ofalbumen, also can go drugstore buys product of some of high grade albumen. The time that is like and so on of tomato, potato, vegetable also is first-rate choice. Compensatory good nutrition, the eye ministry skin that it may not be a bad idea lets you has more " force " conquer pouch! In the meantime, you also can be mixed drink of a few motion, or green tea (cannot drink in the evening, prevent to affect Morpheus) wait for diuresis beverage, through promoting pouch of purify of the loop inside body, watermelon also is right choice.

5, clever way of papaya purify pouch

Papaya can help your purify pouch, but need is used was opposite method, can cooperate papaya and mint to use, with both make tea, wait for the daub after air is cool to be on pouch, already can purify pouch, more can effective link eye ministry is fatigue!

6, from germ purify pouch

The pouch of purify pouch has a lot of, but much or take temporary solution, want effect a permanent cure, still need the germ punish cure that arises from pouch. We know, pouch is caused, so begin from now, cannot stay up late again, need you to strengthen Morpheus, stay up late no longer, fill the Morpheus that is short of before come back, remember, morpheus is best hairdressing means!

Go of pouch Xiao doohickey

1, cucumber piece apply

Before sleeping, fig or cucumber are stuck on skin of at present ministry piece, insist to come down to be able to get the hairdressing result that reduces next pouch. Also can use papaya to add field mint dip to make tea in hot water, after air is cool often Tu Fu is on at present skin.

2, ladle massage law

Can carry a small spoon, it is common aluminium makes ladle, everyday morning and evening is gone after eye frost, with ladle raised part presses the week that approach a key point gently, can promote haemal circulation, slow eye week, can feel to have the effect that improves pouch.

3, tea water-cooling apply

In putting one cannikin tea into freezer refrigerant about 15 minutes, use next make up cotton dip is in tea, get on its apply in eyelid again, can reduce pouch dropsy rate.

4, ring finger is light pressure

Before sleeping, be with ring finger in the center of eye abdomen the position is pressed gently 10 times, perserve every night, with slow the problem of eye ministry dropsy.

5, motion of eye of narrow one's eyes

On eyelid and next eyelid undertake conciously closing athletic, do above 100 times everyday, hold to this method after period of time, pouch of your meeting disclosure disappeared slowly.

6, skin of ministry of eye of dimension E capsule daub

Before sleeping every night if can use vitamin E capsule,ministry skin undertakes 4 weeks Tu Fu reachs by a definite date below medium ropy fluid cross-eye massage, can get the dispel pouch, favorable result that reduces consenescence.

7, frost is massaged

Use than at ordinary times the eye frost capacity with times more daub undertakes simple eye ministry point is massaged, slow eye ministry nerve, strengthen circulation of eye ministry blood.

The youth gives lose face bag, as a result of,be more dietary daily life not the rule causes, it is very important to adjust time of good work and rest so.

1, the reason that pouch forms

1, consenescence retreats change the pathogeny says: Pouch issueing eyelid happens at the old person in 35 years old of above more, ageing of as anile as human body, facial tissue, retreat travel sex change to have affinity. Its provide bodily form to become think to be concerned with the following and a lot of element commonly.

(flexibility of skin of the eyelid below 1) is flabby and abate, flagging.

(eye annulus v/LIT all over the ground flesh retreats next 2) eyelid travel sex change, stretch and abate, flabby atrophy.

(3) the socket of eye is diaphragmatic and metamorphic flabby, supportive force is abate.

(4) the socket of eye is adipose and metamorphic shift or the socket of eye are adipose and proliferous overmuch.

2, because hereditary disease says: Partial youth also has the person that produce pouch issueing eyelid, concern with familial and genetic element more.

In addition, in certain person, especially the youth endures lower part of eyelid predestined relationship closely in next eyelid there is one infestation upheaval before eyelid board, special more apparent when the smile, make next eyelid behave overstaffed. Because issue eyelid annulus v/LIT all over the ground flesh,this kind of sign is local fleshy or flabby accumulation be caused by, lie between without skin the socket of eye mix flabbily the socket of eye is adipose Peng grand shift, have scholastic general call flesh sex pouch, also the scholar thinks this kind of configuration cannot calculate do true pouch, belong to false sex pouch.