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What order and degree does fat grain have? Fat grain is more terrible than flesh of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married

We know, grow fatly, the person that does not love sport grows fat grain very easily, do you know fat grain is scalar still? How do you know fat grain should be eliminated? Today, tell everybody 4 social estate of fat grain, and the method that eliminates fat grain, and the item that grew fat grain to should notice. Next, look together with me.

What order and degree does fat grain have?

1, fat grain 4 grade

Be the same as the men and women of the age to compare, the female appears the state that fat grain organizes relatively the male is much and serious, and along with write age growth, muscle is adipose etc flabby, appear the opportunity that fat grain organizes also increases relatively. Motion measures little female to need to be careful particularly, because the person of this kind of type appears particularly easily,fat grain is organized.

Fat grain according to weight different and OK cent is 4 class, everybody had better check him to attribute which one level, if level is too high, was about to pay close attention to badly.

Fat grain green light: It is to lie to write or stand no matter, squash with the hand even, knead hold the skin, the skin presents flowing position, performance is good, safe pass a barrier, also should continue to maintain nevertheless.

Fat grain yellow light: Skin exterior looks very smooth, but should knead forcibly slightly only hold the position such as ham, hip, can see fat grain state, state below half body has begun to appear fat grain organization, more terrible, if things go on like this, can have great progress!

Fat grain red light: The body lies not to look to go out at ordinary times have fat grain state, when standing nevertheless, certain place appears however ugly concave and convex fold, when bringing, fat grain organization has affected a figure beautiful, should take action!

Fat grain alarm: The most serious degree nothing is more... than this, lay down no matter or stand to be able to be clear about see fat grain organization distributings, this can get face up to a problem well.

2, eliminate fat grain method

, massage law

Particular way:

1, get ready before bath above all relevant the essence that protect skin is oily, bath when add oil of essence of life, massage gently on the position that produces in order to draw the kind of the circle in fat grain next.

2, can use contain oil of essence of life, after Tu Zaixiang closes position, cooperate to grind again arenaceous cream and massage gimmick purify cutin, 5 minutes or so are being massaged after be being cleaned clean.

3, maintain on final daub article, the massage means that uses picture group likewise will massage relevant place, insist to massage 20 minutes or so.

Small stick person:

Patience wants when massaging, fat grain also is need longer time ability gets those who had compared alleviate, massage strength also should have mastered, massaging is a very good method, can help you add skin flexibility, avoid fat grain. Actually, grind moderately to cutaneous at ordinary times arenaceous and massage, offset has certain help effect except fat grain, massage can undertake after bath, the effect will be double. Eliminating fat grain is a protracted battle, so, MM people had better form the habit that massages everyday, do not want to let fat grain " breath " opportunity!

2, move

Motion also is a method that eliminates fat grain, cannot see motion express fat grain to go up without immediate effect, but it can have very powerful effect oh. When undertaking oxygen moves having, adipose in be in flaming condition, through taking exercise, go up in certain level without the adipose meeting that is spent translate into muscle, help fat grain of weak chemical fertilizer from interior thereby.

General campaign can have this kind of effect, of course the time that you can adjust campaign appropriately according to your circumstance and means. Be in for example on ran machine when ran, can move high-grade number, the gesture that perhaps adjusts oneself increases difficulty, the eduction of the trash inside stimulative blood circulation and body, quickly desalt, eliminate fat grain.

Small stick person:

Motion exercises systemic muscle, body of much exercise extend, muscle of adipose translate into it is a when eliminate fat grain very effective method. But defeat the powerful weapon of fat grain,enough motion is measured, suggest everybody joins outdoors campaign 3 times at least every week, move every time time assures above half hours, canter for example, swim etc, in eliminate adipose with fat grain is being promoted while aggrandizement decreases fertilizer efficiency fruit eliminate, kill two birds with one stone. But want to notice, because be eager to,do not eliminate fat grain and excessive moves, should do according to one's abilities, not eliminating fat grain to regard is a formidable task, as long as the method is accurate, total meeting is successful.

3, complement collagen albumen

Collagen can protect skin beautiful skin, believe everybody is familiar with this very much, fat now grain arose, little of course not of collagen albumen help! The position that produces in fat grain normally, the skin can appear the circumstance that fiber ruptures, and a when these circumstances happen main reason is skin organization lacks collagen albumen, so, compensatory collagen albumen is very important for fat to eliminating grain.

Additional, not when fat grain appears and compensatory collagen albumen just does not go when breaking aggravation, should reducing weight when beginning, albumen of timely in whole process reducing weight compensatory collagen, prevent fat grain aggravate while still can make the skin becomes more flowing be sent closely.

Small stick person:

A method of hyperplasia of stimulative collagen albumen is to cooperate to be massaged appropriately, can match additionally of can close solid skin maintain article, selecting the product that massages except grain, so that the product that should choose to be helpful for compensatory collagen albumen causes the skin closely better.

4, reduce animal sex adipose absorb

A lot of people like to eat butter, cheese this kind of food, but do you know, dispute of this kind of food often goes against long-term edible of the elimination of fat grain, because of edible this kind of provision can increase put oneself in another's position inside adipose, adiposity can make the skin as patulous, especially lumbar abdomen, coxal the place of these adipose and easy accumulation, and once produced fat grain, eliminate harder.

Additional, this kind of provision can increase excessive edible tired out feeling of the person, the fat grain that affects you eliminates the operation. Should choose the food with low quantity of heat at ordinary times, perhaps contain a lot ofthe food of protein of former plant sex, for example soja, still have the healthy food such as vegetables and fruits, the help is promoted use up adiposely. In the meantime, can wait with corn oil replace animal sex adipose, this kind of food contains a large number of not saturated fatty acid, can prevent the adiposity inside body.

5, often do not cross tightened dress

Although leotard can highlight body line, but often do not wear, after reducing weight successfully especially, leotard is the female's true love, but do not suggest to wear, filar socks, tight the metropolis influence blood such as bundle of pants, leotard circulates, fat lines can add more, must avoid to wear leotard so.

Small stick person:

MM people should notice the food with reasonable nurturance is used to, when reducing weight, need is on a diet, arrived thin when coming down, also do not go belly-worship, food should with delicate give priority to, eat fat food less, reject tall caloric snacks, overmuch to this kind of food intake word can have produced great burden to the skin, the influence eliminates the process of fat grain, when considering snack, might as well replace with fresh vegetables and fruits, already health has the nutrition that can abound for airframe complement, still enhanced result reducing weight on certain level!