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How does the skin when travel bask in an injury to do? How does the skin in journey bask in an injury to handle?

Summer sorching, when a lot of people or meeting opt the summer go on a journey, carry a thing to go to the lavatory quite, and can make a sightseeing tour, nevertheless summertime go on a journey goes outdoors, may be basked in by burning sun, bring about the skin to appear red wait for a phenomenon, affect the mood of travel, so how does the skin when travel bask in an injury to do? How does the skin in journey bask in an injury to handle? Everybody introduction is below.

How does the skin when travel bask in an injury to do? How does the skin in journey bask in an injury to handle? (1)


1, the emergency treatment method that the skin basks in


1. skin basks in red emergency treatment: Need to use at this moment dipped in to make up the makeup of water cotton apply face. Had better be face of ceaseless and alternant apply, till the skin feels icy till.

The emergency treatment with 2. burnable skin: Can use at this moment make up water puts freezer refrigeration, take out the ice cube spread that already condensed next. If the condition allows, the Facial mask that still can use rich hydrous component will alleviate.

The emergency treatment with 3. aching skin: This kind of circumstance already reached the degree of scald almost, only emergency treatment way is to use glacial spread, do not want put on the skin any things that protect skin. When if hand ministry and sufficient ministry are basked in,be being hurt, can use spread of the ice cube since the towel bag that has touched glacial water, feel comfortable till skin till.

After 4. gets alleviating when the skin that basks in, should complement moisture: Above all, undertake protecting with cream of bubble type apply when bath wet, through period of time again rinse out. Next, with contain the embellish skin that keeps wet part to breed besmear is in facial, press gently with the palm pressure facial, absorb in order to promote what the skin divides to water.


2, summertime travel is prevented bask in need to know


1, avoid to eat sensitization as far as possible vegetable

A lot of people do not understand what is sensitive vegetable, wait like celery, caraway, Bai Luobo belong to " sensitive " vegetable, these vegetable hold concurrently contain photosensitive sex material, overmuch edible makes the skin grows outstanding spot more easily. Consequently the summer should eat a few vegetable fruits that restrain pigment precipitation more, for instance yangtao, strawberry, tomato, orange, cabbage.

2, vitamin C but restrain splash effectively

Everybody knows, the vitamin is first-rate product of beautiful Bai Yangyan, it is the effective preparation that restrains shading, prevent bask in nature little also not it, consequently at ordinary times must much edible a few fruits that contain vitamin C, the fruit such as orange, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, grapefruit contains VitC to measure is taller, or the product that is C of on the belt a few OK and compensatory vitamins. Of course, eating the fruit vegetable that contains a lot ofvitamin C is best additional means.

3, sunshade should shift to an earlier date get ready

Sunshade is summertime travel protects skin necessary " helper " .

Those who need an attention is, the sunshade quality on the market is uneven, when buying, should notice to look first whether to have in the umbrella roll mark mentions expressly this umbrella fights UV, namely this umbrella can prevent ultraviolet ray really, perhaps buy hold <> concurrently block rain and the amphibious umbrella that fight UV.

4, prevent bask in a product to should shift to an earlier date daub

Prevent commonly basking in a product is not to wipe what can get effective immediately, prevent the ultraviolet ray that basks in a product mostly to filter the function is in daub the ability after 30 minutes is met become effective.

Prevent bask in a product certain daub is enough, half pieces of face uses dosage of size of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad beans, average every other fills two hours besmear. Additional, place, auditive like shoulder of forehead, nose, neck geometric ratio grows the place of spot more easily, should special strengthen prevent bask in.