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What food can prevent ultraviolet ray? What to eat to have prevent the effect that bask in?

Summer arrived, prevent basking in is daily obligatory course, a lot of girls everyday left another prevent bask in frost to besmear toward the face, but go out go for a walk two, coming back still is cent minute black envious, this moment sighs with emotion not only, what I spit is a home prevent bask in, why the sense with not great effect, because food is incorrect,this is, some food can help you prevent bask in, some can suntan quickly however, so let us come check one below

What food can prevent ultraviolet ray? What to eat to have prevent the effect that bask in? (1)


1, ? Prevent dry food detailed account


1. is right amount absorb yellow red vegetables and fruits

Lubricious vegetables and fruits of 4534535aaa of gules, orange and dish of bottle green leaf, wait like mango, tomato, Chinese flowering quince, hollow dish, contain material of phytochemistry of many carotene etc, conduce to fight oxidation, enhance skin strength. Especially tomato is best prevent bask in food, contain a lot ofantioxidant tomato red element, the risk factor that absorbs Gong Suke of 16 milligram tomato to will be basked in everyday drops 40% . Nevertheless, tomato is ripe eating is better than eating the effect raw. Among them carotene can hold back β effectively UV.

2. eats tall C everyday fruit

Vitamin C can say is " emperor of forever beautiful skin is tasted " , want to retain the skin that basks in ageing healthy and brightly, not easily, almost every dermatologist can call you eat tall C vegetables and fruits more. Eat 2 ~ everyday for example 3 fruits, female tomato of the guava that chooses tall C euqally among them, bizarre fruit, strawberry, emperor or it is orange kind.

The day heats up appetite difference, it is OK to have lettuce salad disappear nods summer heat, the proposal joins colour to shine beautiful pimiento and a few green cauliflower, more than find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, and still can absorb many vitamin C. Unripe feed pimiento, ringing tastily, also won't destroy vitamin C because of high temperature cook.

3. soybean products

The element of different yellow ketone in soja (Isoflavones) it is estrogen of sex of a kind of plant, can replace partially the female's hormonal action, help antagonism ageing, and it also is had fight oxidation ability, it is the female maintains burnish a kind of food with delicate indispensable skin.

Soybean products, like bean curd, soya-bean milk (the proposal does not put sugar) it is better choice, and other machines bean products, if 100 pages bean curd, beans does the skin that reach a beans to wait, quantity of heat is a lot of higher than general bean curd, like 100 fair grams the box installs tender bean curd, traditional bean curd, quantity of heat about 50 ~ 88 calories, but same the fabaceous doing of 100 fair grams is about 160 ~ 190 calories, 100 pages bean curd wants 214 calories, skin of beans of day type blast more want 385 calories, quantity of heat differs 2 times above, best little edible.

4. everyday 2 cup tea

Research report points out, drink green tea or be to use those who contain green tea part to maintain article, because insolation brings about the skin to bask in,can let injury, flabby and cross oxide coarsely to decrease make an appointment with 1/3. General and healthy person drinks tea preserve one's health, everyday 2, 4 cups more appropriate, also can change not congener tea drink.

5. catchs a nut when snacks

To office worker, best snacks should belong to the firm fruit food such as big almond. Air conditioning, wind is blown, insolation can use up the moisture in the skin, the vegetable oil in nut contains a lot ofvitamin E mostly, can help fight oxidize and eliminate freedom radical, from inside and nonlocal bate skin, prevent furrow, protect at the same time wet, let skin look younger, still can prevent Brown element effectively deposit in the skin, prevent facial grain of occurrence brown splash, spot piece. Nevertheless, this kind of effect that protect skin needs ability 30 days to be shown normally, cannot act too hastily.

6. the seed of Job's tears

The seed of Job's tears is commonly used Chinese traditional medicine, also be the food that often eats, advantageous water detumescence, be good at lienal go muscle of wet, easy heats up the effect such as a pus except pain or numbness caused by cold, Qing Dynasty, still contain a variety of amino acid with indispensible human body, eat the seed of Job's tears to be able to in time complement more physical strength is used up, rise to enhance the action of immune force. In the meantime, the seed of Job's tears still has to ultraviolet ray absorb ability, its abstract content to join still can achieve in cosmetic prevent the effect that bask in and prevents ultraviolet ray, right amount to be taken orally can make the skin smooth, reduce wrinkle, eliminate splash.

Add: (1) fight photosensitive food: Kidney bean, aubergine, tomato, bag dish, onion, apple, grape

? ? ? ? ? (2) beautiful ginkgo greens: Tomato, grapefruit, La Mei, soja, red jujube, apple, orange

? ? ? ? ? (3) fight oxidation fruit vegetables: Tomato, strawberry, orange, apple, yangtao, grape, chili


2, suntan quickly food detailed account


Basically be to have a kind of food photosensitive stronger, if photograph initiate to reduce cutaneous to fight in great quantities,bask in ability, quicken the skin to blacken. Edible is many after sensitive food, encounter sunshine to be able to form shading continuously. Of course, these food itself have its peculiar nutrition part, should spend edible nevertheless only can.

A few contain the vegetable with tall chlorophyll and potherb (grey dish, bitter dish) belong to photosensitive sex food. Food of common photosensitive sex has leaf of Lai of dish of grey dish, Chinese milk vetch, snow, lettuce, fennel, amaranth, shepherd's purse, celery, turnip, spinach, raise wheat, caraway, safflower careless, cole, mustard, fig, orange, citric, mango, pineapple. Besides, "Photosensitive sex seafood " include snail kind, shrimp kind, crab kind, clam, contain photosensitive material likewise, also need advertent.