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Is calcaneal worn-out how to restore very quickly? Calcaneal rub skin how to do?

A lot of females can like to wear high-heeled shoes for tie-in dress at ordinary times, but calcaneal is easy when the problem that makes a lot of females special perplex wears high-heeled shoes namely rub skin, although not be the question with big what, but ache really, often also appear because of me such problem, is that calcaneal worn-out how to restore very quickly? Calcaneal rub skin how to do?

Is calcaneal worn-out how to restore very quickly? Calcaneal rub skin how to do? (1)


1, disinfection of iodic bend over


If worn-out after achieve a face not quite, can disinfect first with iodic bend over, prevent infection, if oozy fluid attributes normal phenomenon, day of general and traumatic 3-5 is oozy juice is more, but need notices to achieve a face not to touch water, avoid to affect.


2, disinfection of hydrogen peroxide solution


If add thick with worn-out, achieve the be mingled with in the face a lot of sundry, the proposal uses hydrogen peroxide solution to clean first achieve a face, clean the impurity that achieves a face clean as far as possible, next disinfection of reoccupy iodic bend over wraps up.

Attention: Clean the meeting when achieving a face to feel aching again, but must clear clean, affect tetanic bacili easily otherwise or other bacteria.


3, daub ointment


Calcaneal is worn-out after the skin, baiyao of ointment of erythromycin of the daub after can be being disinfected with iodic bend over, Yunnan, more than 100 state antiseptic the ointment of unripe flesh, can promote the fast heal of cut so, prevent infection.


4, the attention rests


Calcaneal is worn-out because motion of excessive, high strenth is caused,leather great majority is, so calcaneal must notice to rest after worn-out skin, do not have the campaign of high strenth again, restore what just be helpful for the place that defeat a skin so quickly.


5, calcaneal by the shoe worn-out how to do


(1) calcaneal is slight red

When shoe grinds a foot most beginning is slight and red only, did not appear broken skin, also do not have bleb.

Countermeasure: Change improper shoe can, do not need to do special processing.

(2) calcaneal is ground frothily

Because wear shoe time longer, calcaneal had bubbled, and visible inside have maize water.

Countermeasure: Need to be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide solution only, besmear dot erythromycin ointment went next. When having bubble, squash to avoid, had better wear loafer. After the foot is bubbly, if do not have broken skin to be not carried as far as possible,defeat, let him bleb absorb, leave scar not easily so.

(3) calcaneal worn-out skin

In walking along transient Cheng, grind the bubble that have to had defeated a skin, see a few blood silk.

Countermeasure: With disinfection of hydrogen peroxide solution, ointment of the erythromycin on besmear, rise with gauze bag, prevent affected part to be chafed again. It is OK also to have cut is stuck cut is stuck directly after disinfection.

(4) calcaneal is ground piece chrysalis

Calcaneal rubs the blister that go out after, slowly can become one Tuo to be roused, work hard Brown, or black dead skin, very the influence is beautiful, can use grind arenaceous cream periodic is cleaned wipe, bate cutin, stimulative metabolism, avoid to leave a mark.