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Frost of Po Lai elegant look how? How is frost of Po Lai elegant look used?

The eye is the place that exposes person age the most easily, this most propbably everybody is very clear, for beautiful to love female friend, how can him ignored does the skin of eye place nurse? The eye frost brand on market still is rife, nurse oneself eye is to cannot leave a good eye frost, so frost of Po Lai elegant look how? How is frost of Po Lai elegant look used?

Frost of Po Lai elegant look how? How is frost of Po Lai elegant look used? (1)

1, the effect how

Frost of Po Lai elegant look contains a lot ofvitamin of aggrandizement of Pro-Retinol A Forte(former A) , a kind very effective fight knit complex part, can provoke skin cell new student, enhance cuticular defense ability. Although deeper furrow can be pulled apparently, and drop off, can gift afresh at the same time skin is stretch. To the case with facial severe pouch, frost of Po Lai elegant look also can achieve very good result. So frost of elegant to Po Lai look how this problem, everybody need not worry too, effect of frost of Po Lai elegant look is more apparent.

To make Po Lai elegant eye frost achieves better result, we also must master Po Lai to use a method correctly of elegant look frost. When we are being used, want to wash the face clean above all, reoccupy ring finger takes the eye frostlike powder of gram size, in eye ministry undertake knead is massaged all round skin, frost yielding a key point can be skinned place is absorbed quickly. Should be in rear of pouch, eye next cent undertakes elegant, by introversion outside undertaking massage also is very important. Must notice strength must gentle, cannot too exert oneself to do sth. too, the allergy that avoid a Zhou Yin to chafe and brings about possibly and red.

2, eye frost and eye film

How should eye frost wipe ability to let it deepen after all absorb? Skin qualitative Shang Fanghua and close fact, the person that do not have a microgroove, can touch the eye frostlike powder that takes gram large and small pointing to an abdomen, and if ring finger is nodded gently,be pressed in eye week certainly. Make according to what delibrate shows this finger charge share lowest, effort is the consequently puniest, just won't skin of do sth over and over again. About producing microgroove person, no matter because the skin is marched toward,be ripe age it is a laugh line probably, just as well chooses scissors hand type to maintain eye end skin, eye frost is wiped by eye head dot to canthus, every li with respect to skin of periderm of eye of can complete moist is fine seam.

The hole site all round eye ministry is numerous, dispersed control in the fluctuation of double eye, highest and outspread to brow upper part, the widest it is what deliver boundary line approximately is temporal. Because eye periderm skin is very delicate fully thin, consequently massage gesticulation should affirm gentleness. Apply skin temperature to add cuticular capillary loose, aggrandizement absorption. Maintain in alter eye ministry consequently after tasting, can use joint pointing to a ministry, or be inside the eye ministry product that adds ball, decide a dot to press the line that approach acupuncture point first, push develop to come by eye head then tail end is lymphatic loose, answer reversely again push drainage to boost a circulation.

Most Facial mask, want member to be no good only subtle, can make clear escape eye week apply, probably direct weaving excavate bigger mouth of a cave. This is being represented, eye ministry skin also should have from eye film. The eye film on the market is divided normally nowadays to cream shape and weaving, have more protect wet, beauty white, moist multivariate appeal to beg. For the apply face that according to goes to 3 times every week, eye periderm skin cannot put cool one's heels to await of course, want synchronism to attend just won't have too many problems to deal with. But double key point is simple allergic person, be about to choose eye film cautiously, just won't cause unwell.

3, go how is furrow eye frost used

The first pace: The eye frostlike powder that ring finger takes soybean volume is in all round the eye on even besmear fight anile eye frost, anticlockwise direction hits a circle to massage gently. Reoccupy middle finger and ring finger are pressed in double eye two side, push skin of the side that rub an eye slowly, must gentleness hits a circle to massage with the ring finger of another hand.

The 2nd pace: When eye frost has not been absorbed thoroughly, arrive from brows with thumb eyebrow end, delay and press greatly press orbit, remember be being pressed every time approach the time that should keep 3 seconds about. The force that points to an abdomen with thumb finally presses both sides of the ala that press bazoo, circulate in order to promote the blood of whole face.

The 3rd pace: With the palm of both hands Wen Wen heats up fluid of eye ministry elite, begin from eye end, with thumb show the abdomen is carried slowly gently toward auditive direction pull, arrive from 1 number 5, next let go. Repeat do 5 times. Reoccupy forefinger and middle finger pull open the piscine end grain of eye end gently.

The 4th pace: With the five fingers gently by next upgrade, of the socket of eye of edge have sth in mind all round, use the force that points to an abdomen to be caught slowly hold. Catching hold while, want to grab the seat of grain of the end that hold a fish more carefully, strength should notice when pressing, seem to want to hold grain all disappear like.