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Is blain blain agnail red how to do? Blain blain agnail how to do?

A lot of people in the life pledge as a result of oneself body or the reason such as suffer from excessive internal heat can bring about a face to go up long blain, general blain blain crosses paragraph of time to go down with respect to meeting need, but to cherishing oneself for cutaneous person, blain of occurrence blain of very easy meeting is red the circumstance of inflammation, this kind of case is bigger to cutaneous harm, very easy meeting brings about the skin to leave scar, should adopt in time so alleviate measure, how should red agnail do that blain blain?

Is blain blain agnail red how to do? Blain blain agnail how to do? (1)

1, contain gram Facial mask

Material: Pink of two spoon gram, 3 to 5 lettuce leaf, right amount and clean water.

Usage: Will abluent lettuce leaf puts juice of lettuce of the crush out in juicer, lettuce juice and gram pink, clean water pours sufficient agitate together, what become rare moderate till agitate is mushy. With Wen Shuiqing after clean is facial, with face of hot towel apply, reassume film of face of pink of right amount gram is even

Besmear is on the face, notice escape eye and labial ministry, apply controls the bath that use Qing Dynasty 15 minutes probably clean can. Insist to do every week arrive 3 times can.

Effect: Gram sex is cold, have the effect of cool blood diminish inflammation, lettuce has slow skin, pacify composed effect, conduce to flesh of precautionary blain blain be stimulated red agnail, apply to all sorts of skin to pledge the crowd is used.

2, abstain balsam pear to discharge poisonous Facial mask

Material: Balsam pear, honey one spoon, gram pink two spoon, tea tree essence is oily, distilled water a few.

Usage: mud of balsam pear of balsam pear wear, join honey, tea tree essence is oily, distilled water and gram pink mix are even, apply go up at the face can.

Effect: Balsam pear and gram belong to food of cold cool sex euqally, can remove a poisonous dispel blain to remove the effect of inflammation.

3, abstain field mint film of sweet face aing kind of sweet grass

Material: Field mint is sweet essence aing kind of sweet grass is oily two, rosemary essence is oily two, soda pink half spoon, clear water a cup.

Usage: Mix afore-mentioned all material modulation, place in not pervious to light bottle, shake up is taken when using, with make up the daub after cotton bedew is mixed in T word place pore is bulky place, wash with clear water after ten minutes clean can.

Effect: Field mint has effect of convergent bright skin; Rosemary can diminish inflammation fights oxidation; Soda pink can keep clear of grease, accumulate this material to be united in wedlock together to use, not only can repair pore and the favorable effect that still has dispel blain diminish inflammation.

4, contain aloe Facial mask

Material: Bright aloe leaf, honey right amount

Usage: Lu Hui Xie Xi cuts flake completely, with the reoccupy after water boil small fire boils 15 minutes, filter drops aloe broken bits, take its juice, join honey can.

Effect: Aloe has the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, composed and slow, platoon poison is raised colour the effect, can alleviate effectively blain blain agnail is red phenomenon.

5, contain film of tomato strawberry face

Material: Fresh tomato, xian Cao berry two

Usage: tomato abluent rip go cortical, strawberry is abluent, will both extruding takes department of face of Tu Yu of its fruit juice, daily time each, apply after 30 minutes abluent can.

Effect: Tomato strawberry juice contains a lot ofvitamin C and carotene, have the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic favorable effect, still can help beautiful white skin in addition.

6, dispel blain note

1, do not touch a face with the hand uncontrollably, the meeting that touch a face causes a bacterium to be caused on the face, produce whelk thereby. Of the hair stimulate facial ministry skin easily also sometimes filthily, grow aggravating blain thereby.

2, should keep the quilt, sheet, pillow, towel that wash a face clean constantly. Insolate falling in sunshine is best disinfection, because ultraviolet ray is had,kill bacterial effect.

3, like to eat sweet food and incontrollable it is the main factor that causes long whelk. The cake that candy divides and carbohydrate mug-up cause whelk the most easily. Additional, the nutlet such as earthnut kind also should eat less as far as possible.

4, moderate campaign can promote metabolism, have favorable effect to the body and skin, everyday 3 minutes of gymnastics, it is the very secret of success that maintains beautiful skin.

5, the rubbish food such as snack, snacks, cause constipation easily. Love eats a late food to be opposite not only the stomach is bad, and can cause constipation, can draw blain.

6, eat a few vegetable more, because eat red turnip, spinach, green pepper, broccoli,can enhance the strength to the bacterium the flower, balanced of course diet is very important also.

7, the pressure on spirit can cause leather fat to secrete exuberant, also be the cause of formation of whelk, buoyant meeting lets blain blain be far from.