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What does the advantage with qualitative chamfer have? The advantage with qualitative chamfer and disadvantage

In daily life, we say via often can hearing a few people our skin needs chamfer to pledge, and qualitative to chamfer, most person knows what chamfer pledges to need is below certain circumstance only, but what do the advantage with not clear qualitative chamfer and disadvantage have. So what does the advantage with qualitative chamfer have? What do the advantage with qualitative chamfer and disadvantage have? What is the disadvantage with qualitative chamfer?

What does the advantage with qualitative chamfer have? The advantage with qualitative chamfer and disadvantage (1)

1, the advantage with qualitative chamfer

(1) improves skin problem

Fixed chamfer can help significant improvement character splash, color of skin is dark sink to skin etc problem. Corneous layer is the place that melanin collects, connect past cutin, the cutin that will contain melanin can restore Bai Xi to skin after take out, also can leave color of skin is dark heavy, color of skin all does not wait a problem a moment.

(2) promotes alimentation

Pledge through chamfer can will enclothe the ageing cell in skin surface layer, coarse cutin one by one take out, skin nature appears delicate and smooth simple sense, after pore is jammed by bilge no longer, can help more absorb maintain tasted nutrition.

(3) promotes haemal circulation

Through going cutin still can help circulation of stimulative cutaneous blood and metabolism. Want to know those who form to corneous layer is dead skin cell, new student rate of the cell is slower, the dead skin that piles up to go up in the face is more, through promoting blood the loop can quicken cellular metabolism, make the skin natural hold white luster position.

(4) skin increases breathe freely

An advantage with qualitative chamfer can let the skin breathe freely better namely. Corneous layer does not have method to fall off quickly when body metabolization is slow, because jam,accumulation brings about skin pore very easily in skin surface layer cannot have breath and appear all sorts of skin problems. Chamfer is qualitative can will jam the redundant and corneous purify of pore, let pore stretch, the skin can breathe freely.

2, the disadvantage with qualitative chamfer

Chamfer pledges the greatest harm is reflected in excessive above, still have do not know skin condition to undertake chamfer pledges.

(1) skin is dry remove a skin

Frequent chamfer causes skin surface layer very easily to attenuate character, surface layer skin cannot be protected efficiently from advancing travel wet, the skin appears very easily dry desquamate, return a likelihood badly to produce red blood silk to wait skin problem a moment. Especially itself cutin layer is thinner or before drying skin chamfer is qualitative must discreet.

(2) causes the skin sensitive

Not all skin suits chamfer to pledge, belong to the crowd of sensitive skin, corneous layer can have euqally, the circumstance of occurrence accumulation of same also meeting, but the characteristic of sensitive skin cannot blindly edible chamfer pledges the product undertakes chamfer pledges, and should select relatively gentle product, lest accentuate skin problem. Additional, blain blain grows on the face also do not let chamfer pledge the product contacts blain.

3, chamfer qualitative note

One, the place that & basically does not forget to need to keep away from when chamfer is qualitative

Eye ministry and the more sensitive place such as the lip should notice to avoid chamfer to pledge, lest harm delicate place, the skin all round the lip can select simple product of chamfer of labial department for a special purpose. Some place compare easy others to forget, outline position waits after chin and ear namely, did not forget chamfer qualitative cough up, the project protecting skin that does a piece of face wants synchronism to undertake simultaneously, just can go up so makeup without off color.

2, periphery of line of boundary of the hair when chamfer is qualitative should notice processing carefully

Believe a lot of people do not have sedulous place to go to manage to sending the skin near boundary line, a lot of moment are protected in daub when skin is tasted, did not handle very easily good around hair boundary line. Meet actually so give the wool bag that delivers boundary line jam, form the circumstance that after delivering boundary line, moves, go should avoiding to deliver boundary line when cutin.

3, when chamfer pledges, grind with what have grain arenaceous cream should use the means that make a group

A lot of people are using the cutin that has grain to grind arenaceous hair chaos is when creaming without chapter ground careless besmear is on skin, actually such can additional skin are harmed, accurate method should be with consistent direction, by inside to the other place, by the group making a group that leaves to go up means is massaged!

4, the skin after the ear when chamfer pledges does not want oversight

Some place compare easy others to forget, outline position waits after chin and ear namely, a lot of people metropolis oversight of these skin positions nurse, did not forget chamfer qualitative cough up, bring about very easily otherwise on makeup when occurrence chromatism.

5, the forehead when chamfer is qualitative wants from which between massage the circle that make a group to both sides direction

Forehead is most the openly skin, most conspicuous place. When chamfer is qualitative, should notice not to come in disorder, can injure the skin here very easily otherwise, behoove begins from the skin among, to the skin of both sides the circle that make a group is massaged.