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How is beauty of fast dispel blain white? What does beauty of fast dispel blain's white method have?

Everybody hopes he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, but the pressure as a result of the job, the pressure in the life, on the face that brings about people slowly grow a lot of blain, blain blain affects Yan Zhi exceedingly really, what does the method that then you know beauty of fast dispel blain is white have after all? Estimate a lot of people special want to know, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

How is beauty of fast dispel blain white? What does beauty of fast dispel blain's white method have? (1)

1, beauty of fast dispel blain's white method

1, carrot dispel blain Facial mask

Material: Carrot, flour

Practice: Predict ready Xian Huluo abluent dolly, if disrelish a trouble to be put into juicer to extract juice directly, but must leave residue. The amount that requires according to oneself joins flour, both agitate is become equably mushy, to be warm puts freezer to refrigerate a few minutes can. The Facial mask spread that will controlled at facial, about 10 minutes or so abluent, tertian.

Effect: This Facial mask can be dark sore of dispel blain blain, cure, beautiful white effect. Often edible carrot and apply this Facial mask, effect of apply of to be taken orally is better.

2, egg white Facial mask

Infiltrate egg white inside the bowl (go yoke) agitate comes after having white bubble, join fresh lemon 6 ~ 8, direct besmear is after agitate divide evenly on the face.

Action: A decontamination, tighten up the skin, diminish inflammation to fight knit. Before making up, do, can defer makeup.

3, saccharic olive oil dispel blain Facial mask

Material: Saccharic, olive oil

Practice: What will get ready is saccharic mix together with right amount olive oil, agitate of two kinds of material even.

Wait for saccharic when melting completely, massage 2-3 gently on the face minute, wait on 15 minutes to be cleaned clean next. A week two.

Effect: This Facial mask the effect besides dispel blain, can purify cutaneous is corneous, stimulative skin is metabolic, what still can achieve contractible wool Kong Meibai is use when insisting to grow action.

4, rose Facial mask

Become rose valve and half cucumber agitate mushy, decomposite 3 spoon pearl powder, apply is on the face. The scour off after 20 minutes.

Action: A suits to have the oily skin of dark sore, OK and antiphlogistic, go oily.

5, blain of strawberry yoghurt dispel Facial mask

Material: Strawberry, flour, yoghurt, honey

Practice: strawberry abluent extract juice, flour, yoghurt and honey agitate are joined in strawberry juice even can. Next daub is on the face, about 15 minutes or so again scour off. A week 2-3 second.

Effect: This Facial mask has very good beauty to accuse slow and oily, antiphlogistic effect in vain, suit oily blain skin to pledge most.

2, dispel blain note

The first, the attention is clean facial

After occurrence blain imprints, should hour vigilance cutaneous is clean, after occurrence blain of some patients skin imprints, did not clear the skin, right now blain imprints place can have bacterium and dust, deepened the color that blain imprints, accompanying grease possibly still to secrete at the same time and appear the circumstance that blain blain grows repeatedly, suggest everybody is reached in the morning everyday go out come back should seasonable clean skin, notice water is warm even at the same time, avoid to cause stimulation to skin organization.

The 2nd, notice food is discharged poisonous

The patient that occurrence blain blain and blain imprint still should notice diet is healthy at ordinary times, prevent the toxin deposit inside the body, avoid the circumstance with constipation and disorder endocrine to happen especially, the patient should eat bit of fruit vegetable more at ordinary times, the vitamin C that OK still and compensatory skin needs reachs moisture, discharging poison to diminish inflammation also is very advantageous.

The 3rd, attention the skin nurses

The circumstance that the need after cutaneous protects behoove to should notice to washing a face imprints according to blain chooses to medication differently, if not serious word, can imprint in blain with a few vegetable apply darker place, if use cucumber, potato to wait, can have desalt spot mark and beautiful white effect.