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What reason is there is blain on forehead? How to eliminate forehead blain quickly?

Speak of blain, the person that has a lot of is fed up with a such dirty stuff that affects our appearance exceedingly, the place of the long blain of everybody is exceedingly different, some people are senior was in on oneself forehead, this is very clear position, collate wants take out surely, so how to eliminate forehead blain quickly? What reason is there is blain on forehead? Everybody introduction is below.

What reason is there is blain on forehead? How to eliminate forehead blain quickly? (1)


1, forehead blain blain is what reason


1, bang brings about forehead to grow blain

Bang obscured forehead, let forehead skin surface hard ventilated breathe freely, and produce stimulation to forehead skin. The grease of T place is secreted original very big, and pore is jammed very easily also, plus the ceaseless stimulation of bang, layer of cutin of the cutaneous below this kind of circumstance can be in ego to protect and harden. Bang takes some bilge, the shampoo, hangover that protects hair vegetable is excitant also be very big. The word can cause cutaneous of these corporeal bring into contact with not only very big stimulation, still may bring about pore to jam.

2, spirit presses muscularity

Pressure is great, this pressure is very major concern with the job. Once our actuating pressure increases, psychology is met ineffable be agitated, body endocrine also is filled too, secretion of a few grease is long-term cannot normal by eduction body outside, forehead can react above all give this kind of current situation.

3, boil night fair insomnia

Stay up late for a long time insomnia can bring about endocrinopathy, fat of skin of leather fat forehead is secreted exuberant, bring about forehead to grow blain thereby.


2, how to eliminate forehead blain


1, grind arenaceous cream will go forehead cutin

Appropriate alternative is moderate model and rather than is ground coarsely arenaceous cream come chamfer is qualitative. Use the dead skin cell on scalp of corneous ointment purify, and be in acne place dab a bit salicylic acid. By day when, the attention is taking the paper towel of oily be soiled of decontamination be soiled, so that the hangover to forehead transfers on erase bang at any time.

2, forehead as far as possible little osculatory bang

Need not go out when you when seeing a person, pull bang boldly, skin of scalp allowing the specified amount breathes fresh air well. When doing exercise at ordinary times, perspire more, had better use fillet to wrap bang. Use leisure time, let forehead be far from bang, the blain blain that will knock is a lot of less!

3, decrease protect send beautify hair wait for product and forehead direct contact

Do not protect hair product toward the gush on the hair directly at ordinary times, can first on gush comb, perhaps using a thing to hold off forehead with; of comb do up one's hair again gush. If the blain blain on forehead is added urgently suddenly, need notices to see what the near future uses protect hair beautify hair whether does the product pledge with his skin repellent.

In addition, the blain blain of forehead can rise early through sleeping early, drink water to improve more, much draft fruit is vegetable in order to remove the toxin inside body and moisture, the rubbish inside the body formed blain by skin eduction.


3, how to go blain imprints


The first, the attention is clean facial

After occurrence blain imprints, should hour vigilance cutaneous is clean, after occurrence blain of some patients skin imprints, did not clear the skin, right now blain imprints place can have bacterium and dust, deepened the color that blain imprints, accompanying grease possibly still to secrete at the same time and appear the circumstance that blain blain grows repeatedly, suggest everybody is reached in the morning everyday go out come back should seasonable clean skin, notice water is warm even at the same time, avoid to cause stimulation to skin organization.

The 2nd, notice food is discharged poisonous

The patient that occurrence blain blain and blain imprint still should notice diet is healthy at ordinary times, prevent the toxin deposit inside the body, avoid the circumstance with constipation and disorder endocrine to happen especially, the patient should eat bit of fruit vegetable more at ordinary times, the vitamin C that OK still and compensatory skin needs reachs moisture, discharging poison to diminish inflammation also is very advantageous.

The 3rd, attention the skin nurses

The circumstance that the need after cutaneous protects behoove to should notice to washing a face imprints according to blain chooses to medication differently, if not serious word, can imprint in blain with a few vegetable apply darker place, if use cucumber, potato to wait, can have desalt spot mark and beautiful white effect.