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Suit to do double-fold eyelid in the winter? Suit to cut double-fold eyelid in the winter?

A lot of people want to have double-fold eyelid, can make the eye looks bigger so, and also meet more beautiful, the promotion of modern medicine level, already OK prefabricate gives double-fold eyelid, suit to do double-fold eyelid in the winter so? Suit to cut double-fold eyelid in the winter? Cutting double-fold eyelid have the content that need should notice, detailed knowledge comes below.

Suit to do double-fold eyelid in the winter? Suit to cut double-fold eyelid in the winter? (1)


1, suit to cut double-fold eyelid in the winter


Winter can cut double-fold eyelid. Winter air temperature is low, not only the possibility that itself cut agnail affects is reduced, and the heal that sweat gland of skin of air temperature low itself won't secrete sweat fluid to affect cut.


2, how to after cutting double-fold eyelid, nurse


After cutting double-fold eyelid in the winter, nurse after accurate method can accelerate cut to restore, make the result that cuts double-fold eyelid better.

After 1. art 1 week those who carry cut is relaxed and clean, avoid to make up.

The activity with eye larger department reduces after 2. art, rest more as far as possible, little go out be infected with dirt bacterium.

Motion decreases after 3. art, avoid the body to lest the influence restores,perspire in great quantities.

4. food wants delicate, eat the food that can promote cut to cicatrization more, eat vegetable fruit to wait a moment more.


3, summer does not suit to cut double-fold eyelid


Compare a winter for, summer does not suit to cut double-fold eyelid. Summer weather relatively damp and hot, plus double-fold eyelid operation skin of meeting cross-eye week causes bigger cut, if be the heal that summer cuts the word of double-fold eyelid to affect cut very easily, affect the result that cuts double-fold eyelid finally. If need summer is cut,double-fold eyelid must notice to maintain the clean Gan Shuang of cut.


4, after cutting double-fold eyelid, need to know


1, after the operation, general meeting covers with small gauze operation position rises to oppress gently, absorb ooze blood and the purpose that protect blade, undertake cold compress with ice cube, because cooling meeting makes of eyelid vasomotor, prevent blood capillary haemorrhage, the blueness after preventing art swollen or strut, and microtherm can make feel abate, reduce the ache after art. Need uses polybag or good ice cube of bag of plastic bubble film is put gently in the eye above, the leakage after wanting to prevent ice cube to dissolve at the same time enters operation place and bring about a bacterium to affect. The cold compress after art needs only 1, 2 days or so, hot compress wants later. Hot compress can help haemal circulation, conduce to subsidence of a swelling.

2, the pose after art also needs to notice, bowing is bootlace, lower his head to read a book or bending over, also do not use force have a bowel movement, do not exert oneself to do sth. favour sb clog, bring about easily haemorrhage, oozy, aggravating strut. The attention is mixed easily the head is exalted, sit when; rests to sleep on comfortable chair to also want pillow tall head, conduce to as soon as possible subsidence of a swelling.

3, should avoid to feel operation place with sordid hand, lest cause bacterial infection. The operation hide that cures after inflammation especially apparent, at the same time inflammation affects the figure of double-fold eyelid possibly also, want to notice to prevent inflammation so.

4, anaplasty of most eye ministry belongs to clean operation, do not need to apply antibiotic, abuse in case. More do not suggest, infusion. Thinking profess to convinced perhaps loses the sense that concentrates antibiotic to be able to accelerate rehabilitation is wrong! If appear red heat is painful when waiting for inflammation sign, must face examine, drug is used below doctor guidance. Art hind can take medicaments of subsidence of a swelling. A week after take out stitches, can fight scar drug with external use, reduce cicatrization.

5, just finished after the operation, the person of about 50% is to be controlled it seems that not quite same, difference of two side tumid brings about 90% above, place several months before coming completely however in double-fold eyelid configuration so, always taking a looking glass anxious, maintain relaxed state of mind as far as possible however, static wait for beautiful flower to leave. The person of few number also has slight left and right sides after subsidence of a swelling different. Do not cross the or so eye of everybody, originally impossible identical, natural little is so different not be a hindrance to at beautiful, need not too kink. If still be very care about, need to be communicated adequately with us, decide to whether need to adjust again.

6, the eye is used after art, decrease as far as possible read a book, see a mobile phone wait, let an eye get rest. Palpebral activity, before 3 days of proposals reduce an activity, benefit cicatrizations at the organization, later period is OK and appropriate conscious goggle close a key point, muscle activity, promote crease of heavy eyelid line to form, promote lymphatic circulate with blood, benefit at inchoate rehabilitation.

7, the person of glasses of the form that wear concealed, should according to the 2-3 after doctor's advice art do not grant to adorn inside week.

8, incision law double-fold eyelid shapes make an appointment with after art 5, 7 days OK take out stitches. Art hind does not affect general daily activity and simple work. Avoid to drive. Should undertake careful cut is in clean, disinfection before the take out stitches after art. Take out stitches can touch water after 24 hours, bathe for instance, wash a face. Heavy eyelid needs 1-6 complete detumescence, naturally commonly lunar left and right sides, everybody restores speed not just the same.

9, the attention avoids smoke wine and excitant food, avoid seafood and easy and allergic food and articles for use.

10, state of mind is gentle, reasonable rest, from each respect attention, nurturance is helpful for resumptive position.