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What does the note after is laser depilated have? What is the note after depilating?

Laser depilates a kind be trichomadesis method, this kind depilates a method simple and effective, and can maintain for a long time, it is the commonly used method of a kind of hairdressing, there is the place that a lot of needs notice when nevertheless use laser depilates a method, so what does the note after is laser depilated have? What is the note after depilating? Specific content understands in detail below.

What does the note after is laser depilated have? What is the note after depilating? (1)

1, the agnail after shunning technique

After undertaking laser sheds an operation, pore is stretched easily, after undertaking laser is depilated had better avoid to bathe inside 24 hours, swim. Can use skin of microtherm water cleanness, be sure to keep in mind not to use hot water, after the small number of people is depilated, can appear extremely scabby, bleb or provisionality pigment are changed, appear this kind of circumstance should cooperate a doctor to make corresponding treatment.

2, had done prevent bask in the job

After in the course laser is treated, the skin becomes particularly flimsy, remove pigment easily after be basked in through in relief illumination, this kind of condition is main with the skin density of place of medium Hei Suliang, cure, energy, have wait without cooling measure about, good because of after this is depilated, wanting to do prevent bask in the job.

3, local cold compress eliminates red hot appearance

After be depilated through laser, remedial place can appear slight glowing move, and hair can have bleach, blacken or the reaction of scorch, at the same time the skin appears all round wool bursa lighter erythema, these are belonged to handling reaction, can do 15 alleviate or to 20 minutes local cold compress eliminates red hot appearance.

4, avoid to protect skin to taste infection

The body that 24 hours of less than after undertaking laser sheds an operation had better not use embellish skin to show and so on maintains product, these product some contain excitant part, use undeserved word to bring stimulation easily to skin, cause inflammation to affect.

5, notice underwear chooses

After undertaking laser sheds an operation, should notice to choose proper close-fitting clothing and other articles of daily use, because the skin after the operation can become more sensitive,this is, wear the underwear with easy sordid perhaps fade to cause cut inflammation easily, the choice after proposal operation wears clean colour cotton underwear.

6, the complement that notices vitamin C

The fruit that makes depilation operation hind to be able to eat more contain vitamin C perhaps eats vitamin C directly piece will complement the dimension C that body place needs, compensatory vitamin C can increase skin strength, help those who reduce pigment generate.

7, blow except leftover wool picket

Undertake laser depilates art 24 in one's childhood can raze exists the leftover wool picket in treating area, after also can waiting for it to pass a few days, proper motion falls off slowly, understand the note after laser is depilated, can make sure laser is depilated have more apparent effect.

8, the harm that laser depilates

Is 1 pigment ad cool-headed: ? し Xi Hu rips Sheng of joyous ɑ of large bamboo hat to wake pink is when  of a unit of length fastens the? that seek Xi to take off scab, transfer gradually dark Brown, final subsidise is with all round the skin is consistent.

Do 2 sebaceous glands lack sexual eczema: ?  of to shirk of brandish of ぶ  Tang is foolish the mother irrigates? tracheal mouth to be located in pore lower part, when depilating easy cause pore out-of-the-way, and sebaceous glands is injured and cause this disease.

: of 3 skins fire damage?  of cluck of Long of Fan Jia of  of Zhi of  of ┙  Ya blocks branny heart to sincere  of wooden tablets or slips for writing of Huan of deceive of し Meng flood dragon denounces? of  of  of cook a meal of discharge  a silk and coton fabric alone and cause skin burnable. The harm that laser depilates wants to undertake laser depilates the friend of the interference that will cast off overweight fine hair on the human body, should want to understand remedial note before having treatment especially, better with ensuring undertake depilation cure. If still have what problem, can consult online expert, the expert can do the solution of whole side for you.