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How long can be abundant lip maintained? How long can be abundant lip maintained commonly?

A lot of females go after lovely and plump lip now, besides can make a lip more plump through a few makeup methods, still can pass acid of inject Bo make water to undertake abundant lip, but although the effect of these methodological abundant lips is more remarkable, but have certain time restriction, can be metabolized by the body after time became long, the effect is not distinct, so how long can be abundant lip maintained?

How long can be abundant lip maintained? How long can be abundant lip maintained commonly? (1)

1, abundant lip can be maintained how long

Abundant lip can maintain 6~8 commonly month. If be right last time if the effect of abundant lip is satisfied, it is to be able to continue abundant lip keeps plump with letting a lip, of lovely condition.

2, abundant lip why cannot permanent

Because,the time that abundant lip can last a few months only is, the data that uses when abundant lip can by or absorb or be decomposed or metabolize, cannot permanent presence, the abundant lip result that its bring also cannot quite long.

3, how to lengthen abundant lip hold time

The result that wants abundant lip can keep longer time, the labial ministry after we can do good abundant lip commonly nurses:

The food that contains a lot ofcollagen albumen, vitamin can eat more on 1. food, can complement so labial skin nutrition;

After 2. abundant lip 1 week avoids the campaign with facial bigger ministry, be helpful for model form also can be being helped so lengthen abundant lip effect to hold time.

After 3. abundant lip can lip of embellish of help of natural vitamin E protects daub lip, reduce labial ministry to get the stimulation of the outside.

4, lip of first time abundant hold time is short

Undertake for the first time from body adipose abundant lip or it is acid of make water of inject collagen albumen, Bo undertake abundant lip, maintained time is shorter, lip of first time abundant, the cellular organization of mouth ministry is absorbed to the material of inject disclose rate faster, hold time is shorter it is normaller.

5, the note after abundant lip

(The apply of 3 the ice inside the day after 1) art

Putting apply on the ice basically is to reduce strut, quicken cut detumescence. Ten million cannot hot compress, otherwise blood is quickened circularly, yu blood is purple the meeting is more serious.

(2) avoids a lip inside half month ministry substantially movement

After lip of acerbity abundant of inject Bo make water, strut of ministry of 7 days of or so lips can disappear, better to let a lip finalize the design, knead mouth does not want inside half month, do not want Kiss, also do not laugh. Take food to also had better choose a pap, shun masticatory and excellent stuff.

(3) does not want evaporate sauna

After abundant lip two prohibit inside week evaporate sauna, also do not wait for in high temperature environment as far as possible at ordinary times too long, because temperature can quicken acid of Bo make water too high to absorb degradation, the time that can bring about abundant lip effect to maintain so shortens.

(4) often apply labial film

After lip of acerbity abundant of the make water that hit Bo, want to make film of filling water lip regularly, make sure embellish of labial ministry water is bouncy, can reduce Bo make water to spend career acerbitily, it is to suggest a week does 2-3 commonly second.

(5) attention is prevented bask in

Ultraviolet stimulation stimulates pigment easily to secrete already, color of ministry letting a lip is deepened, can promote acid of Bo make water to absorb degradation again, the hold time of abundant lip effect of acid of make water letting Bo is a bit longer, want to avoid insolation.