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The contraindication that buries a line to reduce weight buries the two big contraindication of line law reducing weight

Reducing weight is the topic that a lot of people like to say, it is the thing that the person that need reduces weight or the person that do not need to reduce weight are saying to reduce weight no matter it seems that, everybody is like always is not quite can self-confident to his figure, and the method that reduce weight also has a lot of kinds, for instance him motion reduces weight, bury a line to reduce weight for instance, so, bury a line to reduce weight what contraindication is there? What to bury line need reducing weight to notice?

The two big contraindication that bury the contraindication that the line reduces weight to bury line law reducing weight (1)

1, no-no one

Acupuncture point buries a line to reduce weight should ensure ensure aseptic manipulation, foreign operation all uses one-time steel needle, domestic normal hospital also advocates a patient to use one-time needle, or should accomplish at least " one person stitch " , and use hind the high-pressured vapour disinfection that should pass major.

And a lot of frame-up compasses hospitals of domestic, disinfection is mostly put steel pin in alcohol to immerse, but alcohol can exterminate a bacterium only, waiting for virus to second liver, third liver is not effective. Especially the alcohol chroma after the summer volatilizes, the likelihood returns short of 75% , alexipharmic effect is met poorer.

After steel needle inserts human body point, may touch broken blood capillary, so, if be in,repeat when using, steel needle did not pass disinfection of sufficient high temperature high pressure, between person and person, blood of very easy mutual transmission kind disease, the most infectious disease is second liver and AIDS.

Small stick person: Do not go " 3 without " hairdressing inn is done " bury a line to reduce weight " !

2, no-no 2

This therapeutics belongs to new medicine therapeutics, curative effect has not gotten the clinical test and verify with effective country at present, the choice must seek advice from the opinion of professional doctor beforehand when this therapeutics.

Little, pregnant woman, patient of dermatosis, contagion is unfavorable use. In addition, harmful response can appear after individual person buries a line, if the body is local aglow, bloated, high fever and allergy react, before burying a line formally to reduce weight accordingly, want to do allergic test first.

3, the process is

When undertaking acupuncture point buries a line, should ensure aseptic manipulation, press the following measure, essence of life is accurate catgut embedded point in.

(1) the first pace

Disinfection buries line appliance reducing weight, or use one-time asepsis to pack the appliance that bury a line directly;

(2) the 2nd pace

Put acupuncture pin syringe needle from syringe needle rear inside, one-time scissors will put reoccupy into syringe needle since catgut clip inside;

(3) the 3rd pace

Sign disinfection of pair of the place that use a needle with officinal cotton, bind syringe needle point next inside, with acupuncture point of embedded of needle general catgut;

(4) the 4th pace

Pull out quickly syringe needle, officinal cotton autograph is opposite final reoccupy the position that use a needle is staunch.

4, small stick person

Acupuncture point buries a line to reduce weight want the individual difference according to the patient, different symptom, different fat mechanism, undertake reasonable and significant differentiate evidence picks acupuncture point, besides noticing above abstains from twice, want to notice angle and deepness when burying a line, prevent injury and splanchnic, spinal cord, old blood vessel and nerve.