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Does laser shrink is pore permanent? Does laser shrink how long can be pore maintained?

Laser shrinks pore is a lot of people especially the beautiful skin way that the female can choose, and laser shrinks the time that pore can keep also is the problem that people pays close attention to most. So does laser shrink is pore permanent? Does laser shrink how long can be pore maintained?

Does laser shrink is pore permanent? Does laser shrink how long can be pore maintained? (1)

1, laser shrinks is pore permanent

(1) laser shrinks is pore permanent

Either. Laser shrinks pore is pair of disease cure substantially, can provoke collagen albumen and bounce fibre new student, improvement is current the skin the problem with coarse, bulky pore, but can not organize the skin as the growth of the age consenescence, if be not paid attention to in the future,maintain, the skin still is the problem with meeting occurrence bulky pore.

(2) laser shrinks pore can maintain how long

Several years longer even. Laser systole pore is a kind of treatment method that is not intervening sex, art hind can let collagen and bounce fiber second birth recombine, the effect can maintain several years commonly, maintain proper, go to hairdressing hospital doing regularly nurse, likelihood henceforth won't reappear pore gives bulky issue.

(3) laser shrinks how does pore nurse hold time is long

Laser shrinks the skin wants to keep exquisite and smooth all the time after pore, basically be to accomplish at 2 o'clock, one is to prevent bask in, one is filling water, economic condition allows, can go to beauty parlour doing skin filling water to nurse regularly, the help defers skin consenescence.

Notice to prevent bask in

Ultraviolet ray is very big to cutaneous harm, can quicken skin consenescence not only, return can exciting melanin and grease to be secreted in great quantities, do laser to shrink after pore, must prevent strictly bask in.

Enhance filling water

Lacking water is the germ of all skin problems, and moisture is helpful for the skin retaining flexibility and life vigor amply. After pore of proposal laser systole, 3-4 of a week apply second filling surFacial mask, avoid the skin to appear the circumstance that lacks water.

(4) laser shrinks a period of treatment should do pore a few times

2-6 second differ. Laser shrinks pore is odd second remedial time is very short, do not exceed half hours commonly, but the difference that pledges according to individual skin, majority needs for many times to treat. Remedial frequency is met too less the effect is not apparent, but too too frequent cure also can bring very great repair pressure to skin.

General proposal lies between 2-3 the month is done, a period of treatment does 2-6 second, every increase cure, skin can have the promotion of an administrative levels character.

2, laser shrinks pore effect how

(1) laser shrinks pore is effective

Effective. Use laser to produce fuel factor, small exfoliate surface layer abandons old cutin, at the same time albumen new student mixes exciting collagen to be arranged afresh, can improve skin effectively to pledge, contractive pore, let the skin return exquisite and smooth, bulky to treating pore, skin is coarse very effective.

(2) laser shrinks pore effect how

There are a variety of laser technologies to be able to improve pore on the market at present bulky problem, photon tender skin, colour is smooth tender skin, for instance compound tender skin of colour light, OPT light is waited a moment, be the medical treatment beauty culture that matures quite relatively. Summary comes down to have drawback of the following actor:


One, small achieve, aching move is slight, restore fast, do not affect normal ergonomics to review;

2, accuracy is tall, get effective fast. Can alternative cure pathological changes is organized, do not injure normal organization at the same time;

3, can treat a variety of skin problems at the same time, for instance silk of pigment deposit, red blood, furrow is waited a moment;


One, need for many times to treat;

2, the effect cannot permanent maintain;

(3) laser shrinks how to nurse after pore the effect is good

Scabby water is not touched before falling off. To avoid cut to affect, scabby before falling off, remedial section does not touch water, lest infection increases,take the risk of scar. Avoid violent campaign at the same time, prevent to perspire cause infection.

(4) need not hand tear at is scabby

Laser shrinks what there can be different rate after pore is scabby, general meeting falls off by oneself, ten million cannot use hand tear at, easy injury is organized normally when tear at, bring about leave scar or pigment is ad cool-headed.

(5) notices to prevent bask in

Had better not go out inside a week after art, because this paragraph of time is scabby,had not fallen off completely, cannot Tu Fang basks in frost, if going out, ultraviolet ray is bigger to skin harm. Scabby after falling off, go out should have done prevent bask in measure, tu Fang basks in frost, hit sun umbrella at the same time.

(6) enhances filling water

Laser shrinks after pore, skin metabolization increases, moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year is serious, and corneous and slight damage, the ability that lock up water drops, can the skin stretchs tight closely to feel drily, film of apply filling surface can enhance filling water, be helpful for a help regaining skin flexibility.

(7) what person is unfavorable do laser to shrink pore

The skin the big, person that has blackhead can use coarse, pore laser improvement skin is qualitative, but the following crowd cannot use laser to treat pore bulky.

One, systemic sex the disease of partial oneself immunity such as lupus erythematosus;

2, scar constitution person;

3, photosensitive sex skin and the multitude that using photosensitive sex remedy;

4, the person that use acid of different dimension A nearly one year;

5, gestation, lactation and period female;

6, the person that the skin has inflammation or suspicion has skin cancer;

7, 18 years old the following minor.

3, laser shrinks how long does pore restore

(1)3-7 day will be scabby fall off

The laser of new generation treats contractive pore, the remedial means that dispute exfoliates, can improve skin to pledge from base, the surface layer after cure can have the small cut with invisible naked eye, number can cicatrization inside hour, 3-7 day is met scabby fall off.

(2)1-2 the month restores nature

Scabby after falling off, hypodermic collagen albumen and bounce fibre are met slowly the new student recombines, and cycle of metabolization of average person skin is left and right sides of a month, after doing laser systole pore so, the skin should restore health, also need 1-2 month.

(3) laser shrinks how to do after pore restore fast

One, apply of the ice inside 48 hours achieves a face. Glacial apply can skin undisturbedly, the help alleviates facial and red.

2, film of apply filling surface. The apply before sleeping everyday is pure filling surFacial mask, can enhance filling water, stimulative organization new student.

3, do not make up. Do laser to shrink after pore, had better not make up inside a month, because make up,can affect cutaneous respiration, block up skin organizes repair.

4, the attention is prevented bask in. Prevent sun point-blank, go out Dai Taiyang cap, hit sun umbrella, external use is prevented bask in a product, but after noticing laser is treated prohibit using inside 7 days prevent bask in frost.

5, eat VC of complement of fresh vegetables and fruits and VE more, can promote cut heal and rehabilitate.

(4) warmth is small stick person

Laser treatment pore is bulky, general need just can get better result for many times, specific cure pledges a few times with the pitch with loud pore and skin relative, it is 2-6 commonly second differ, and every time the time of removed cure, should restore periodic conform to to close with the skin, that is to say, want interval at least 2 months are done, ability does not harm the skin.