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How does the summer protect skin to prevent bask in? What does the summer protect the little skill of skin to have?

Summertime weather is torrid, the skin perspires easily an oil, and summertime ultraviolet ray is sharp, need has been done defend the measure that bask in, in the summer skin may appear a few problems, protecting skin is very important, the summer protects skin to need to master a few skill, gift is nicer caress skin health, so how does the summer protect skin to prevent bask in? What does the summer protect the little skill of skin to have?

How does the summer protect skin to prevent bask in? What does the summer protect the little skill of skin to have? (1)

1, the summer protects skin skill

1, not from sunshade

Bask in a test according to preventing, the sunshade with good quality can stop sunshine and ultraviolet ray effectively, rise to be prevented certainly bask in the effect.

2, by segregation and pink

We know to prevent bask in a value cannot overlay, but, because brush segregation or powdery bottom to be different from,brush prevent bask in frost, these colored things must be brushed frivolously, those who want to had had prevent bask in protection, can rely on much cascade to add only, ability can achieve certain ply.

3, bask in hind repair

If insolate hind the skin is aglow, the person that can use the after basking in rehabilitate of iced layer of thick Tu Yi puts apply on the ice, or other fills blandly of water person the thing of quality of a material, be helpful for drop in temperature to the skin and filling water, this meantime does not want chamfer to pledge, also do not get on the thing with multifarious other toward the face accost, cause allergy very easily.

4, cap

If not quite dispute figure, prevent bask in the effect to had better become person of the face that belong to iron. Buy the most good-sized, cap edge helps a drop can keep out is whole face and neck, still do not damage hairstyle.

5, sunglass

The eye is interior window. Sunglass this thing, how to feel distressed again money, also do not want a province, aux would rather buy the masses brand with a few public praise and good quality, also do not buy the A goods of what famous brand, goods of booth of down to ground. Good-looking malformation pours secondarily, the key is lens quality closes nevertheless, can harm our eye directly. Driving person should notice more. On the base that follows quality in guaranty card, choose the side that accords with oneself as far as possible model, cover is comprehensive. Dai Fang the classmate of ultraviolet concealed glasses, still also want to wear sunglass, when because be in,basking, concealed glasses can protect cornea at most, the conjunctiva of large area still is exposed did not get protective below sunshine.

A few kinds when be far from sunshine to insolate little skill

A lot of people are in busied after a week, on the weekend metropolis hope can go out. But fear oneself can be suntanned by the sun again. What what has compared is prevent bask in a method?

2, how is the summer prevented bask in

1: The choice is prevented bask in an index tall prevent bask in frost

Eyebrow is in the beauty people daily skin nurses in the center, prevent basking in frost also is indispensable, no matter be,wait for indoors, you need daub to prevent bask in frost, at ordinary times the choice in the life is prevented bask in frost, it is OK that its coefficient is controlled in 15-20, and if the go on a journey outside the choice plays, be about to rise to prevent the index that basks in frost, the choice is prevented bask in fine number taller prevent bask in frost, also not be to say SPF cost is prevented higher it is better to bask in the effect, this its are Sino-US eyebrow people can have a misunderstanding.

Actually, SPF cost is higher prevent bask in frost, state its are fat composition and sensitive class status are higher, also can bring very great burden to skin at the same time, had better not be worth with SPF at ordinary times taller prevent bask in frost, but go out the word of amuse oneself, beautiful eyebrow people can choose to use SPF50 prevent bask in frost, prevent it is better to bask in the effect.

2: Lie between a hour of filling besmear is prevented bask in frost

Must not think besmear went up to prevent bask in frost to be able to be at ease enjoy sunbathe, beautiful eyebrow people go out amuse oneself, daub is prevented bask in frost to want every other a hour fills again besmear, original daub is prevented bask in frost to want 20 minutes of daub before go out, prevent bask in frost to want to be carried, the word of systemic daub, beautiful eyebrow people had better carry two bottles to prevent bask in frost, each inches of skin that assures the whole body daub arrives, accomplish prevent in the round bask in nurse!

3: Perspire wipe continue to besmear again prevent bask in frost

Beautiful eyebrow people go out amuse oneself, weather is torrid, the body and skin can perspire certainly, so, perspire not does Tu Fang bask in frost? After perspiring, beautiful eyebrow people should wipe sweat be soiled clean, continue again daub is prevented bask in frost, because skin exterior moisture also can absorb ultraviolet radiation, bring about radiation serious, if wipe sweat fluid daub not in time to prevent the word that basks in frost, beautiful eyebrow people the skin is suntanned very easily.

4: After basking in, undertake preventing instantly bask in repair

Beautiful eyebrow people do not think daub prevent bask in frost with respect to everything is just fine, although a hour has every other,filling Tu Fang basks in frost, so, 24 hours after bask in in, also want to undertake preventing basking in repair, can avoid skin to appear so bask in spot, although have,prevent the protection that basks in frost, but, skin still can be to become flimsy all the more after the illuminate that passed ultraviolet ray, at that time, flimsy skin needs to drop in temperature repair, beautiful eyebrow people can use face of glacial towel apply, try to be massaged gently again, after 20 minutes, reoccupy makes up water will be protected for skin filling water wet, shi Shuang had better be protected on daub again, layer upon layer protect wet rehabilitate for skin, the rate that ability skins ultraviolet radiate quite falls lowest. Beautiful eyebrow people want to know, the repair after basking in must be made, skin otherwise can become flimsier and flimsier.

3, prevent bask in it what eat less is good to what eat less

1, sensitization food

Because they contain a lot ofthe tantalum such as copper, iron, zinc, these tantalum but direct or indirect land increases to make acid of the cheese ammonia that concern, cheese ammonia with melanin enzymatic and much cling to it is more easy that the amount of the material such as amine Kun and active; eat sensitive food to be able to make skin more get ultraviolet enroach on, the skin that causes you thereby blackens or be long spot of a certain place, so sensitive food wants to be absorbed right amountly.

2, brunet food

So called point to milk, egg, bean curd, fish to wait namely, these food help your melanin eduction easily, also be the splanchnic burden that can reduce you, eating light color food more so is very good. Meanwhile, also should feed brunet food less to reach drink beverage less, wait like strong tea, coke, coffee and Zhuguli.

3, disequilibrium of alkalescent food and acidity alimental

It is nature evenly in the best the most healthy position, alimental is absorbed also is such. Healthy human body is humoral show alkalescent, acidity at ordinary times food and disequilibrium of alkalescent food intake, blood is met the tendency is acidity, bring to human body thereby all sorts of unwell, of spot of stimulative skin pigment form.

4, fry

Fry took not only light put on weight, and the oxide that its contain may quicken skin ageing, if answering to if cannot help really,feed; less as far as possible so, might as well a few more compensatory before edible the food that contains a lot ofvitamin E, with counteractive ageing, for instance pumpkin, carrot, earthnut, sesame seed, unpolished rice.

5, the food that contains a lot ofMing ammoniac acid and rare element

Study a proof, closely related the element such as the copper inside the active with cheese ammonia enzymatic acid and body, iron, zinc.