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How does mist haze weather protect skin? What does mist haze day protect skin to need to notice?

A lot of areas appeared mist haze day, it is visibility not only low, and medium a few dirt and bacteria still meet mist haze weather cause a harm to human body health, in mist haze day need does good skin cleaner to make, avoid to cause a few harms to the skin, so how does mist haze weather protect skin? What does mist haze day protect skin to need to notice? Everybody introduction is below.

How does mist haze weather protect skin? What does mist haze day protect skin to need to notice? (1)

1, how does mist haze day protect skin

, go out carry guaze mask

This is the first pace that physics protects skin, go out only take muzzle, go out skin and dirty air segregation first, ability lets skin be far from contaminative source.

2, diligent wash one's hands, often should not touch a face

There are a lot of ordinary people to see the bacterium that be less than on the hand, the person ten million that has the habit that touch a face so should stop to often feel skin. And anteprandial hind must wash his hands in time.

3, do to skin more send closely massage

No matter skin appears to still do not have occurrence ageing phenomenon, when protecting skin, use carry the way that play to nurse, and do for skin constantly send closely massage, can let skin appear more young.

4, daub segregation frost

Skin should is before going out frost is kept apart on besmear first, besides it is good to can carry bright color of skin to be brought to you besides color, still can let skin own tough protective screen.

5, nightly with long protect late frost

Before sleeping in the evening, can protect to skin daub is repaired model late frost, depth of OK and thorough skin is repaired protect skin cell, for the following day skin is brought energy.

6, daub is prevented bask in frost

The one big key of skin ageing is nodded is to prevent bask in those who do is bad, even if is in mist haze day, also must daub is prevented bask in the ultraviolet ray that prevents everywhere to see to harm skin.

7, face of Xian Jie coming home

The first thing that after coming home, does wants namely the face abluent, the means that had better use deep-seated cleanness undertakes, wash skin to be in bilge of the one susceptive inside the day, reductive clean white skin.

8, go for skin regularly corneous

Skin interior appears after dirty stuff, can jam pore, affect skin health then. It is skin chamfer to pledge regularly, eliminate the dirty stuff inside pore, can promote skin to draw strength, protect skin to taste effect to also can get bigger play.

Mist haze weather can make skin condition old 10 years old! Pettier atomic do evil is deeper! In fact the 1/20 that diameter of mist haze particle has hair silk only, firmly adsorption is in pore, embed deeply in skin ground floor, accordingly, antagonism air pollution is harmed to cutaneous actually most the method of effective is deep-seated cleanness -- what hole depth of thoroughly clean wool is in is dirty, make skin clean and clear. The appearance of several clean face that rolls out on market now everybody is OK also choose according to oneself circumstance.

Coming again is to notice to brush segregation. Very much still now girl says: "I did not make up not to need discharge makeup " , the answer is negative of course! And be in especially mist haze season, do not make up to just compare makeup harm bigger, need discharge makeup more! Want to protect the skin to avoid the harm at air pollution, be about to avoid air contaminant to express surface contact with the skin directly as far as possible. Actually a good segregation frost can cut off the ultraviolet injury to dermal layer, also prevent smooth reactivity compound to expose the actinic reaction of next generation in UV at the same time, block up melanin is formed.

Notice the harm that the skin that skin protective screen is damaged is polluted more easily by air even. Below the environment that spends pollution again, protect skin to should be cut as far as possible, doing good foundation to keep wet gift is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, such ability improve function of skin protective screen.

Skin water should carry in weather of mist haze winter tender it is a fierce fight really! If I feel everybody notices these a few a lunar month of 29 days are discussed roughly the skin won't be too poor! Cheer, there is an attention below any weather the skin maintains just is.

2, mist haze day takes what clear lung

(1) turnip

Food brief introduction: The food discharging poison of lung.

Clear lung principle: The relationship of large intestine and lung is the closest, degree of lobar eduction toxin depends on large intestine whether unobstructed, the effect of the turnip depends on can helping large intestine excrete constellation, eat raw or mix cold dish is right choice.

(2) black agaric

Food brief introduction: The plant collagen composition that contains a lot ofin black agaric, have stronger sorption.

Clear lung principle: But outside because breath enters the dirt inside human body, impurity, rubbish,will waiting for contaminant to center adsorption to give put oneself in another's position side by side, the purpose; that achieves canal of lung of Qing Dynasty of the clean cleanse intestines and stomach, gas that raise lung thereby still is had at the same time deliquescent with oxidation.

(3) dawdle

Food brief introduction: Raise lung to fight poisonous ability.

Clear lung principle: Below dry circumstance, lung is brought about easily accumulate toxin. Dawdle has the effect of the very good method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise lung, can help toxin of lung beat back.

(4) snow pear

Food brief introduction: Contain the microelement such as malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, B2.C, carotene.

Clear lung principle: White enters lung, reason white food has to lung maintain effect. Portion of snow pear water is large, quality slightly cold, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid moisten the respiratory tract, clear thermalization is phlegmy.

(5) lotus lotus root

Food brief introduction: Its root root leaf, the flower needs fructification, dou Kezi fills be used as medicine.

Clear lung principle: Ripe lotus lotus root can fill heart heart's-blood, be good at stomach leaves lienal, alimentary and strong, pee of benefit of soup of lotus lotus root, qing Dynasty heats up embellish lung.