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How to contain cucumber Facial mask? What does the effect effect of cucumber Facial mask have?

Cucumber is the common vegetable in the life, also be the melon dish with hairdressing very good effect, cucumber tastes ringing and goluptious, still can use make a few film, a lot of people can use cucumber directly piece the film that make a range, cucumber still can match with other data, made Facial mask effect is more, so how to contain cucumber Facial mask? What does the effect effect of cucumber Facial mask have?

How to contain cucumber Facial mask? What does the effect effect of cucumber Facial mask have? (1)


1, the practice effect of cucumber Facial mask


1, cucumber yoghurt dispel blain

Effect: Can let prevent blain not only, and blain of blain of OK and effective dispel and blain imprint.

Use method: Hit half cucumber into delicate last stage, mix with right amount yoghurt mushy, use apply face 20 minutes.

2, cucumber is beautiful flour film

Effect: This Facial mask can make the skin moist, whitened, except knit, smooth, soft, and can beautiful white, offset divides black rim of the eye, palpebral dropsy is the most effective, but need to be used at local.

Use method: Pound cucumber mushy or cut paper-thin chip, join milk powder, honey right amount, drop of number of wind oily essence is smooth. Thin on the apply on the face thin one stratification makeup cotton, in cucumber apply or stick in make up on cotton, 15-20 uncovers next cleaning after minute can, but commonly used.

3, cucumber chicken egg white is sent closely

Effect: Can make skin close fact full, also have effect more very much to petty furrow.

Use method: Delicate last stage extracts cucumber in juicer, join half egg Qing Dynasty, smooth later apply face 20 minutes can.

4, white vinegar cucumber Facial mask

Method: Juice will be extracted after flay of half fresh cucumber is abluent, join the egg white of an egg, drip again the mix after two white vinegar is even. Facial mask even Tu Yu is facial, note escape eye week, after about 10 minutes abluent can.

Effect: Recuperate facial skin, compensatory skin moisture and nutrient, chain water is divided.

5, Facial mask of cucumber vitamin C

Effect: OK and long beautiful white skin.

Use method: Half vitamin C that extracts juice hind and 5 pulverize mixes cucumber smooth, with face of the apply after Facial mask paper immerses.


2, the Facial mask that suits sensitive skin


1, film of bright flour of embellish of HABA glue raw water

¥ 315/120ml

Japan is like HABA and FANCL without add a brand, this Facial mask also can make sensitive skin special set one's mind at. The film of piping outfitting face of gel quality of a material, the elite of more one-sided than paper film is more, more durable, sensitive skin can feel with this Facial mask skin color ameliorates, but if be to want to achieve gone skin with respect to integral beauty white, unlikely still, it is one is not had only after all add Facial mask just.

2, filling water of QualityFirst collagen albumen protects wet area film

¥ 49/7pcs

This Facial mask also is the Facial mask that does not contain risk composition, antiseptic, essence and colorant, sensitive skin can set his mind at to use. The price is not expensive, but not be to be packed independently, elite fluid is not particularly much, because be added without antiseptic, had better be in 90 days less than makes give out so. The Facial mask of a piece of QualityFirst has make up fluid of water, latex, elite, used natural protect wet factor EGF, let sensitive skin also can water profit rises.

3, skin of graceful red baby exceeds moist range film

¥ 70/27ml*5pcs

Although this Facial mask has so delicate and luxuriant outer packing as other side film, but after using feel with respect to particularly can apparent ground the skin was sent closely the following day many, become more bouncy, basically be acid of Bo make water keeps wet part, dissolve at although water will be stickier, but it is good to ensure wet result. This bounds that Facial mask does not have a tradition uses graceful pellet or powder antiseptic is added, those who replace is new-style alcohol kind anticorrosive system, do not contain essence pigment, very gentle, suit sensitive skin to use.