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What to join not to grow spot inside the water that wash a face? What to join to won't grow spot when washing a face?

Everybody hopes he can have smooth skin, washing a face is the business that we can do everyday, when then you know to washing a face, what thing to join to you can let you do not grow spot? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, what to join to won't grow spot when providing body introduction to wash a face to everybody, the hope is helpful to everybody, we look together.

What to join not to grow spot inside the water that wash a face? What to join to won't grow spot when washing a face? (1)


1, wash a face what to join not to grow spot


1, add rice vinegar

Effect: Restrain skin bacteria is caused

Principle: Acetic itself can change cutaneous acid-base value, layer of bate cutaneous cutin, restrain a bacterium to cause, make pore unobstructed, reduce those who contract sexual skin disease to happen.

Acetic sort with pure natural rice vinegar is best, other edible vinegar is OK also. Use the moisture content that can add skin cell and nutrition for a long time, regain cutaneous burnish and flexibility. In addition, still can make skin cleaner, those who prevent blain blain generate.

Method: The scale of vinegar and water is 5% , on the drop in a water that wash a face 7~10 drips can.

2, add green tea

Effect: Convergence skin, fight radiation

Principle: In tea, the content of tea much phenol of green tea is the richest. Tea much phenol has fight oxidation, can prevent skin consenescence.

If you are the job the white-collar female before computer, when washing a face, the counteractive radiate with a bit OK and effective green tea is added in water. The skin that the tannic acid action of tea can let we are dry disappears into thin air, can restrain skin pigment ad cool-headed, reduce the happening of allergic reaction.

In addition, the tannic acid action of tea can alleviate the skin is dry, very applicable also to having the children of eczema.

Method: Take green tea of a bag of in bags or 2 grams green tea, boiled water is boiled with 2 premium in kettle, wait for boiled water to become lukewarm to wash a face.

3, add salt

Effect: Remove cutin and oil

Principle: Have purify cutin, convergent skin, conciliation with salt bath face the action of wet red skin, return grease of can cleared cutaneous. Aggravating " black head " chafe gently with salt also can purify; Oily skin uses a week or so, facial skin can appear fresh and tender, transparent.

Method: Salt of two small spoon is added in a water that wash a face can.

4, add honey

Effect: Fight anile, prevent dry

Principle: Honey is beautiful of preserve one's health is tasted, contain the amino acid that can be absorbed by human body in great quantities, enzymatic, hormone, vitamin and carbohydrate part, can promote the skin to achieve the heal of the face, fight consenescence, prevent the skin dry.

Method: The person that drying skins in, can add 2~3 drop honey in the water that wash a face at ordinary times, the bedew when washing a face is whole and facial flap gently again, massage facial a few minutes. The person suits oily cutaneous not quite with honey bath face.

5, clean out rice water

Effect: Go grease, embellish skin

Principle: With face of the bath that clean out rice, the effect of embellish skin is particularly good, because rice surface contains potassium part, suit the cleanness of facial weak acerbity environment particularly, and nature is gentle, do not stimulate the skin, a bit side-effect also is done not have, suit to grow the oleaginous sex skin with whelk, bulky pore especially.

Method: After heating the water cleaning out rice that day directly, use, the effect is met very good.

6, add white sugar

Effect: Go blain of corneous, desalt imprints

Principle: White sugar is OK purify cutin quickens skin metabolism, rich vitamin B1, B2, B6 and VC are contained in the natural ingredient that abstracts in candy, can saying is a kind of natural beautiful white product, and absolute safety.

Method: Right amount white sugar is taken to add bit of water to be massaged on the hand after washing a face, touch next 1 minute or so is massaged to be able to rush on the face.


2, the error that washs a face


1, ought not to with washbasin

And do not say whether washbasin is clean, sheet says the among them water that wash a face, after hand face is interactive, more and more muddy, finally with ending filthily. Far be inferior to holding running water in both hands to wash a face with the hand: Wash hand rub clean first, reoccupy hand washs a face, one cleaner than, have more than is needed a few, completely clean.

2, ought not to with soap

Facial skin has many sebaceous glands and sweat gland, be in all the time synthesize a kind natural " advanced hairdressing frost " , defend in what one forms to lose sight of on the skin film. It shows acidity slightly, have the powerful antiseptic effect that protect skin. Slant alkalescent soap not only the protective effect that destroyed it, and can exciting sebaceous glands is great " petroliferous " . You use soap the more " except oil " , sebaceous glands is petroliferous more, clear away hard finally. Visible, if the skin is not too dirty, ought not to clean with soap.

3, ought not to use too the water of heat

Hot water can keep clear of to defend facially thoroughly film, after adding soap to wash a face with hot water so, the person's skin can feel very tight stretch tight afflictive. Actually, even if is in severe winter also the bath face with too hot not need, the floating dust scour off that can get on the face with Wen Shui only, still exercised facial blood-vessel and nerve at the same time, regained consciousness cerebrum.

3, ought not to with wet towel

Long wet not dry towel is helpful for all sorts of microbial cause, wash a face to brush facial as good as with wet towel at going up to the face daub all sorts of bacteria. Towel often should keep clean and dry, after washing a face with the hand, wipe with dry towel, fast wholesome.