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How does facial ministry skin maintain? Is middleaged woman facial how to maintain?

Of facial ministry maintaining is the problem that a lot of females care quite, facial ministry skin also is very easy the place of occurrence problem, long blain, long spot is very common, to make facial skin more exquisite and smooth, should pay attention to at ordinary times a few maintain method, especially the female arrives middleaged later, should pay attention to more maintain, so how does facial ministry skin maintain? Is middleaged woman facial how to maintain?

How does facial ministry skin maintain? Is middleaged woman facial how to maintain? (1)


1, how does facial ministry skin maintain


1, furrow

① contains the day frost that ultraviolet ray defends, can protect the skin not only, still can offer enough and moist. Want better result, might as well collocation fights oxidation elite one bottle. Because high concentration fights oxide to be able to be inside the skin,keep is controlled one day, to dawdler, lie between a day to use the effect pretty good also.

② late frost need not be used every day, when watching TV in the evening, besmear the vitamin A frost of size of a pea, conduce precaution improves furrow. Most when beginning to use, need weekly Tu Yi twice to go only, go to two weeks, after letting the skin suit, also need to besmear 4 times every week only, 3 two month hind can see the effect.

③ should protect skin, still can do not have a day to eat C of a few vitamins, vitamin C has the certain effect that combats consenescence, the method that adopts albumen of collagen of profess to convinced of course also is effectual.

2, eye week grain

① does not want kink eye white, the question with eye the biggest ministry is a skin Bao Yi is old. Choose a not quite fat, flavor not too much also fight oxidation cream, when wiping a face, use in eye week, continuously 3 months, can see certain effect.

Does ② eye week work is the skin quickly to fall down? Remedy: Cotton piece dip in Wen Niu suckles apply eye 3 minutes two, eye grain is done not have it seems that so apparent.

Microgroove of week of ③ major key point is caused, feel to see no less than going to really, flat go sleeping, him skin also can repair.

3, dry

① protects skin to be about to accomplish above all maintain, days, prevent basking in is special key, and in dry environment, should give our skin much more compensatory moisture, still can open humidifier to increase air humidity.

Is ② cream also disinclined to besmear? Search " drying / extremely drying skin is applicable " clean face breast, they won't wash flay skin film of natural skin fat, have certain help to avoiding moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

③ takes oily capsule of seed of 100 milligram flax everyday or fish oil, in prevent dry respect to have certain help.

4, red blain blain

Does ① explode blain? Nod blain dot glue in directly explode the place of blain, need not besmear, everyday early or behind schedule, go to two weeks to have effect. Need not much dot, cause stimulation possibly instead otherwise.

The antiphlogistic effect of a few medicines and chemical reagents of ② fast good, paroxysmal bright red bag needs 45 days only probably can be pacified goes down. The hydrogenation cortisone in Youzhuoer has the effect of fast diminish inflammation, because belong to hormone kind, can emergency treatment is used temporarily, adding up to the demand of dawdler.

③ is flat lazy to even the face grouchy also start work dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, be helpful for blain blain instead so do not treat self-healing.

5, dark sink

① goes once a week corneous and enough let the skin maintain exquisite health, clean face is brushed also is good choice, make up to having for habitual person, clean face is brushed can fast conveniently discharge goes colour makeup.

② looks for paragraph manual to go up to show conduce is corneous clearly exfoliate or " shine skin " cream or elite, every night or lie between evening to use, nurse even what special chamfer pledges can save.

③ sits on the chair, the gangmaster is buried as far as possible low, till under knee, can let hematic current arrive so facial, let you look color is bright.

6, oedema

The eye ministry that ① contains massage ball conduce is slow tumid is unwell, cold water is spilled gently facial ameliorable face is swollen, or wet breast should be protected to use after iced of Morpheus Facial mask, cool and refreshing and calm.

The bottle in any freezer safe can take ② to do cold compress, bottle of sauce of coke canister, glass or fruit juice bottle... the thing cannot be found in freezer repeatedly really, quarter of two spoon cold storage, also can cold compress a few minutes, reduce oedema unwell. Attention, the thing that must not use freezer compartment directly or ice cube apply, easy frostbite.

③ since you always like to lying, appearance lies below the attention a little, when sleep or lying, the gangmaster is compared at ordinary times summary block up some, conduce prevents moisture corner head facial. Notice a pillow must quite big, the ministry that connect a shoulder also is filled up along with all the others, otherwise probable stiff neck.

7, extensive red

① Facial mask and sparge are disinclined to use at ordinary times also did not hinder greatly, the skin is sensitive when extensive is red, slow Facial mask and sparge had very big use -- if disrelish a trouble the skin is easy and sensitive, have one is avoided at least wash model slow Facial mask, they still can replace cream.

Everyday daub is protected wet defend frost, conduce strengthens the skin system of natural protective screen, not easy to outside stimulation so sensitive.

② cotton piece the cold milk that dips in not to add any flavorring (cannot be yoghurt oh) apply is in extensive red place, have alleviate certainly the action with red extensive.

③ is spent gently sensitive with extensive red meeting does not treat self-healing, need you to have enough patience only. Doctor of old style skin can persuade the skin the person of sensitive response uses physiological saline only gently clean face, avoid further stimulation. Although this one practice is current already too too moss-grown, but if you are disinclined what to look for sensitive protect especially article, old and safe method have not cannot.

Epilogue: Pass the introduction of above paragraphs, most propbably everybody nurses to cutaneous of our face ministry still also had certain knowledge, the skin of our face ministry is a very important part, what we and person association see above all is our facial ministry, if neither one feels beautiful facial ministry, with respect to the socialization that can affect us on a lot of degree.


2, middleaged woman is facial maintain


After 35 years old pass, feminine skin can lose original luster, furrow, splash, color of skin is dark heavy wait for a problem to also come accordingly. Is so middleaged woman facial want how to maintain?

1, find out the skin problem

The biggest question lacks the cutaneous that says middleaged woman commonly namely stretch, without light dark heavy etc. The skin problem that because this is about above all,finds out oneself chooses what answer relatively to protect skin things next.

2, of science clean facial

Middleaged female should notice facial cutaneous is clean more, had better accomplish morning and evening twice deepness is clean. Experienced dirt of a day in the evening especially, radiation, lampblack is likely on the skin early had been to bestrew rubbish, right now the cleanness of clear administrative levels is the best method that reduces all sorts of skin problem generation. Resemble vapour clean skin, skin of Facial mask clean is right choice. Also can use weak brine usually, white vinegar or lemonade undertakes cleaning.

3, hold to use late frost

Late frost can increase female cutaneous flexibility and glossiness. The skin that suggests in Qiu Dong season female friend must hold to him basis especially chooses late frost character.

4, facial massage

The Facial mask with good nurturance is massaged is most a kind of of be economical method that protect skin. Facial massage the function that can promote blood to increase metabolism to still have clean skin on one hand circularly on one hand. When the edge is massaged but the action that the edge has hot compress does a picture to encircle with hot towel. If have the milk that drinks remnant, or it is soya-bean milk can regard as protect skin to taste.

5, wet hot compress

Hot compress can promote haemal circulation, and Shi Fu but this has outspread pore to make the skin gets a depth second clean.

6, fight knit tighten send

Insist to take vitamin E at ordinary times, can use additionally fight the film that crease a face to protect skin frost. Avoid egregious exaggerated movement to all have the effect that very good promotion causes closely etc.

7, protect ovarian

Ovarian premature senility, estrogen secretes sex of insufficient metropolis abigail to appear more anile than normal age, because this wants to notice protection is ovarian usually, notice the check-up of respect of department of gynaecology more, notice compensatory estrogen more.

8, maintain good state of mind

Laugh 10 junior, anxious one anxious became white first, it is an empty talk not just, those hopeful people in living in fact can compare normal person appear young it seems that those who have energy. Want to learn him appreciation at the same time, if you are known,change a kind of angle to ponder over the word of this problem to middleaged female, you can discover many years old 40 are a process that moves toward another kind of beauty by a kind of beauty. Especially the female of this moment is much on life an experience became much a maturity and grace.

9, many attention is fed fill

Want to notice to eat the food with collagen rich albumen more especially, e.g. pig foot, pigskin its have the effect that combats consenescence. Notice compensatory water portion more, avoid the skin to lack the issue of water.

10, proper use cosmetic

As the growth of the age, middleaged female can appear inevitably of all sorts of skin problems, use a few cosmetic appropriately to obscure right now flaw result is very right.

11, by outside transfer to other localities manages

Improve symptom of the turn of life, middleaged female lies commonly the turn of life, may have tide red, hectic fever, be perturbed uneasiness, sleep how to to wait for a problem firmly, want to notice recuperation eliminates symptom of the turn of life right now.

12: The sexual life of harmony

The health of body and mind to middleaged female has the sexual life that considers to discover harmony to be helped certainly.


3, the method that prevents furrow


1, use keep wet white

Wash a face to cross frequency or use not in time protect Shi Shuang, bring about skin cell desiccate easily, color of skin is dim, furrow grow in quantity. High grade protect Shi Shuang to be able to retain skin moisture, reduce wrinkle.

2, health food

Food is mixed to consenescence of beat back skin maintain skin health crucial. Answer to water in great quantities, eat fruit vegetables more, a week eats 3 article fish 3 times to wait contain a lot ofOu Miga food of 3 fatty acid, they furrow of conduce beat back.

3, wear sunglass

Go out not to wear sunglass, besides skin of ministry of the eye that bask in an injury, always be eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one's eyes sees a thing also can bring about an eye ministry lines adds. Accordingly, want nurturance to go out the good convention that wears sunglass.

4, daub is prevented bask in frost

Dr. Ge Ruisi suggests strongly, harm the skin to prevent ultraviolet ray, before going out 30 minutes answer daub is good prevent bask in an index to be at least of 15 prevent bask in frost.

5, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is mixed avoid secondhand smoke

Smoking quantity reachs smoke age and furrow to be born early between existence is remarkable and associated. Smoking can bring about the body organ such as the skin anoxic, be short of nutrition, increase cardinal number of freedom of human body cell to measure, this is the main reason that brings about skin consenescence. In addition, a variety of contaminant such as car tail gas can bring about furrow be born early, answer to reduce the chance that contacts to it as far as possible.

6, maintain as far as possible lie on one's back sleep appearance

Sleep total love is left lie or on the right side of lie, bring about furrow of facial a side more easily to increase. Bend over to sleep to be formed easily on the pillow " Morpheus line " , line of forehead of grain of end of lighter body adult fish, frown and forehead horizontal line. Those who prevent furrow is optimal sleep appearance is to lie on one's back.

7, fixed take exercise

Consider to discover, the old person reduces sedentary time, can improve the skin to form significantly, make the skin young 10 years above. Because often move to improve cardiovascular system health benignantly,this is, can make the skin acquires more nutrition and hematic oxygen amount.

8, be far from height to process food and purificatory food, take candy less

These food are contained cause the skin the material of premature ageing, should eat less as far as possible at ordinary times.

9, the society is solved pressure

When pressure is very great, human body can release hormone of strong hurried consenescence to the middle of blood stream coriaceous alcohol, quicken furrow generation. Lian Yuga, keep a diary, sing, take a walk and sit in meditation is contemplative, it is good solution controls fashion.

A lot of a few ordinary dot in the life cause the ageing that we skin possibly, if think the ageing of slow skin,needed to notice from inside daily life so because of this friends.