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How does middleaged woman protect skin? Does middleaged woman protect skin what to contraindication there is?

The woman is entered middleaged hind, the metabolism inside body can become slow, each function also begin the body slowly ageing, once the skin has what problem to be able to restore very hard, so a lot of women can maintain ahead of schedule oneself skin, because hairdressing protects skin,not be the work that in one day can complete, want to begin to maintain early so. How does so middleaged woman protect skin? Does middleaged woman protect skin what to contraindication there is?

How does middleaged woman protect skin? Does middleaged woman protect skin what to contraindication there is? (1)

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One, how does the female nurse the skin


The person's age paragraph different, cutaneous maintains the method is different also. In 30- - 40 years old this age paragraph maintaining is subsidise of precautionary skin burnish mainly, in 40- - 50 years old this age paragraph, the key is to increase cutaneous nutrition, balance as a result of hormone because of this period maladjusted, the skin begins dehydration to become flabby, so seasonable compensatory moisture and nutrition are very important.

Want to maintain skin moist, defer skin consenescence, must accomplish the following:

1, adjust mood. If the mood is long-term depressed, spirit is dispirited, or feel for long insecurity, fear, depressive, can cause skin blood the loop is undesirable, nutrient in short supply, the skin is met cadaverous, dark yellow, furrow is deepened, premature and anile.

2, the Morpheus that keeps enough. The skin undertakes active metabolism in nightly meeting, compensatory nutrition is in nightly must have done, can be before Morpheus, with a few nightly nurse product, do slight massage.

3, maintain skin cleanness. Cleanness is the skin this, the dirt on the face makes the skin gloomy lose luster, go against the absorption of the product, the bilge on the face still can cause a bacterium, and after the bacterium enters pore, breed in great quantities in Pi Zhizhong. So, no matter morning and evening, must undertake deep-seated cleanness to the skin, protect skin center to major regularly, undertake deep-seated instrument cleanness, with major nurse.

4, notice dietary nutrition. Middleaged person protects skin, need to protein and right amount fat pledge more, in order to maintain the metabolism with stimulative skin cell, enhance the metabolism of skin cell, enhance cutaneous burnish and flexibility, the vitamin that needs to abound more mineral. Additional, protect skin more cannot leave to water, water is the cheapest hairdressing protects skin to taste, middleaged person drinks 1000 milliliter water at least everyday.

5, smoke of abstinence give up. Smoking and many drink bender damage the skin badly, cause skin hair to fizzle out or cadaverous, quicken cutaneous consenescence.

6, avoid insolate. Suffer the ultraviolet illuminate in sunshine for long, can make the skin coarse, corrugate, cause pigment ad cool-headed, must use prevent the makeup that bask in product, go out open an umbrella.

7, strengthen appropriately take exercise. Right amount athletic sports and proper massage, be helpful for cutaneous blood circulation, accelerate metabolism.

8, take a female to raise mew regularly kind maintain article. Ovarian old a year old, the woman is old 10 years old, to ovarian conserve, to middleaged person especially important. Chao Beizi raises capsule of charm of the day that delay a card, what spend alimentary woman from 6 old thinking is ovarian, allow the condition with ovarian full, fruity regain, allow a woman from inside and outside send out young glorious. If you still are not to understand very much to yourself's skin, or do not know how to should undertake protecting skin, should above all from immanent make, less than is raised outside. Want to protect skin in the right way only, still can make the skin of middleaged person looks younger than actual age, slow down skin is anile.


2, the contraindication that the woman protects skin


1, job of avoid excess load

As competition more and more intense, the working rhythm of contemporary profession female is nervous with each passing day, easy generation is huge on spirit pressure, the excess load condition that goes up with the body on spirit is very adverse to health. If rest carelessly,mix adjust, central nervous system is in nervous condition to be able to cause psychological overreaction continuously, as time passes can bring about sympathetic excitement to increase, endocrine function is disorder, produce diseases of all sorts of body and mind. Accordingly, professional female should notice to alleviate the nervous condition of mentally, accomplish strike a proper balance between work and rest, relaxation has degree, reasonable arrangement job, study and life, hold to physical training.

2, fear is depressed and depressed

The life troubles unavoidable mediumly, in pressing depressed trouble in the heart, be inappropriate apparently, the mood is bad to should learn psychology to adjust, consider method drain or move as far as possible, if look for a good friend to chat, spit for fast, or landscape of as much as one likes, full see auspicious land, make breadth of mind open, have deep love for the life.

3, fear is blind reduce weight

Love beautiful heart, the person all has, professional female especially such, leave no stone unturned considers a lot of people decrease oneself inside body redundant adipose, the various measure reducing weight such as tea reducing weight, eat reducing weight make a person dazzling. The person that reduce weight thinks fast see effect, be on a diet desperately, the result is lose weight, the body broke down however.

4, avoid drinks tea too thick

Most profession female has the habit that drink tea, tea can eliminate exhaustion, wake the head is life-giving, improve work efficiency. Drink tea advantage admittedly many, but tea is alkaline too much also have disadvantage, tea is a kind of effective hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretes irritant, and long-term hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted overmuch, it is a of gastric ulcer main factor that cause disease, so, answer to join a few milk, candy in tea, avoid the stimulation that suffer or reduces hydrochloric acid in gastric juice in order to maintain gastric mucous membrane.

5, avoid smokes divert oneself from boredom

Current, a lot of females are with smoking modern, smoke actually 100 kill and do not have one benefit, the harm with healthy to the female tobacco particularly serious. According to statistic: Incidence of a disease of smoking female heart disease compares normal person tower above 10 times, make menopause shifts to an earlier date 1 to 3 years, 2 oaf of generation of place of pregnant woman smoking is the person that do not smoke. 5 times, young female smoking can restrain facial blood circulation, quicken appearance consenescence.

6, avoid drink down

Professional female can encounter a few setbacks and blow always in the job, some people often drink down, or drink regard as one of modern way of life modern behavior. Meantime, drink down anxious more anxious. The result that suffers from drink quietly merely makes a large number of alcohol enter human body, it is neurological damage above all, this is very dangerous.