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How does flier protect skin? How is flier beautiful flesh?

The reason that because work,is some of female friend in daily life needs often by air, we are what this kind of crowd says flier, so, how does flier protect skin? How is flier beautiful flesh? The time that flier protects skin is a little pressing, there are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say.

How does flier protect skin? How is flier beautiful flesh? (1)


1, the skin when the flight nurses


1, facial and clean product had better be used avoid wash model, the urine quantity that need not trouble a plane to go up is washed sordid, go to the lavatory to undertake facial cleanness blandly again.

2, those who take a form keep wet noodle film, fill in time water and the effect is apparent. After apply is over, need not clean, dab to absorb can.

3, lipstick of Tu Shangzi embellish, protect the moisture content inside the lip, avoid weather-shack desquamate.

4, necessary the frost that protect a hand, the hand is brushed with wet paper towel after have dinner meeting hard to avoid is dry, what will keep damp hand department with the frost that protect a hand is moist.

5, a bottle slow essence of life is oily, before take off daub is in temporal or be any appear easily unwell place.

6, listen a few relaxed, or it is the music that oneself like, let loosen and cheerful mood company headroom is itinerary.

7, drink water and fruit juice in great quantities, for the body compensatory water divides the vitamin that needs with place.


2, the nourishment that hairdressing protects skin


(1) oaten

The young associate that feels flavour is weak can be gone to inside the honey that increase a point, mouthfeel will be better. And

Oaten nutrient value is very high, still can suck fat.

(2) milk

A cup of hot milk is drunk before sleeping, can aid Mian to return can beautiful skin, take the advantage of the following day when having the sun, bask, still can promote calcic absorption.

Whole wheat bread works overtime a group of things with common features feel abdomen hunger takes whole wheat bread, can eat fully not only, still can help human body release insulin.

(3) honey

Develop a cup of honey directly water or it is OK to in adding milk, be drunk. Solution of help human body is pressed and can adjust the mood oh.

(4) banana

Banana can flabby chicken, add fade black element, still can sleep peacefully.

(5) almond

The vitamin E with rich almond, can enhance the immune power of the body, still can beautiful white.

(6) chrysanthemum scented tea

Chrysanthemum tea has the effect of easy Mian, OK still quiet energy of life of wirh fixed attention.