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Does eye week skin have many thick? Does eye week skin draw strength how?

The skin all round the eye is very flimsy, also be the easiest the place of occurrence microgroove, believe friend of a lot of females also knows, we need those who had been close friends to caress the skin all round him eye, ability prevents the generation of a Zhou Xiwen quite, nevertheless we got the relevant knowledge that unship eye week skins first, so, does eye week skin have many thick? Does eye week skin draw strength how? Will look.

Does eye week skin have many thick? Does eye week skin draw strength how? (1)


1, eye week skins -- thin degree


Eye ministry skin is the position with the weakest skin of person energy of life, eye ministry skin and dermal ply summation just make an appointment with 0.55 millimeter, have the ply of facial cutaneous 1/4 only, penetration is strong, get more easily the harm of the outside, department of stand use key point is accordingly special nurse the truth of the product is in this.


2, eye week skins -- intensity


Do you know the person makes the same score uniform nature to blink how many times eye? Say to make a person fab, the person blinks everyday can exceed 10 thousand times, fall in normal circumstance that is to say, the person is minutely should blink 15 times, the motion of high strenth also brought many loss!


3, eye week skins -- absorb degree


Eye department is distributed without sebaceous glands sweat gland almost hypodermically, the fine thin skin of eye week is very easy and dry, because do not have automatic moist ability almost, the grease that can furnish is very little, this caused eye ministry skin extremely easy consenescence. Make an example, if the body skins to protecting what skin tastes to absorb ability is 1 times, so eye ministry skin absorbs ability to protecting what skin tastes is 300 times. So, what eye ministry dry grain, microgroove appears is early.


4, eye week skins -- spend flimsily


Eye week skin is sensitive, flimsy, capillary is very imperceptible, produce furrow very easily, black rim of the eye, pouch. Hypodermic and loose connective tissue abounds eye ministry, the tube wall of blood capillary is very thin, and have certain osmotic, extremely easy seeper, form haematoma or oedema. Because this need is used a few absorb easily, the eye ministry with young member nurses the product undertakes maintaining protecting skin. Come from quality of a material say, the eye ministry of quality of a material of relaxed, gel, condensation protects skin to taste suit more, avoid to create burden of eye ministry skin, grow adipose bead.


5, the scented tea that protects an eye


1, jasmine scented tea

Jasmine flower 5 grams, bai Sha candy is right amount. jasmine flower, Bai Sha candy uses boiled water take medicine with water, go broken bits is drinkable. This drink pleasant is sweet aromatic, have scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, dispel dry filling water,

2, arhat fruit tea

Arhat fruit, arhat fruit is broken broken, take a few small, develop bubble 6~10 with boiling water after minute, drinkable.

3, rose black tea

The rose has eliminate exhaustion, protect hepatic effect, liver and eye be closely bound up, want to protect an eye to want to protect liver above all so. In addition, rose tea still has hairdressing to raise colour, recuperate the effect of courage and uprightness.

4, decide pine torch tea

Definitely the effect that pine torch also has bright eye to discharge poison, also be a kind of emperor reducing weight is tasted allegedly, besides, definitely the effect that pine torch still has dehumidify. Drink flavor of tea of this scented tea to slant acerbity, taste is quite good still nevertheless.

5, licorice is green tea

Licorice sex is cold, but can alexipharmic, drink this scented tea to be able to keep clear of body endotoxin, have hypertension and heart head blood-vessel, nephritic disease and pregnant woman do not suit drinkable this tea. Because licorice contains licorice sweet element, drink so rise mouthfeel will be better.

6, change is welcome scented tea

Rosemary has a kind to be able to make the tea with poll sober head sweet, can enhance cerebral ministry function and increase memory. If put it in study and assembly room, can enhance inspiration already, can deepen memory again, alleviate fatigue.