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How does a week carry bright color of skin? How to make skin moisture full?

The facial skin condition from us can judge the figure temperament that gives a person, with the body whether healthy, complexion is healthy signal lamp, when our skin condition is not stable, this explains you had needed body of good be nursed back to health, dark heavy skin gives a person gaunt sense, so, how does a week carry bright color of skin? Will look below.

How does a week carry bright color of skin? How to make skin moisture full? (1)


1, promote method of bright color of skin


The 1st day, clear away absorb an obstacle

Why to skin can become An Huang Moguang, corneous layer piled up the cutin of heavy panel is one big question, before because this is in,the bright skin that begins a week nurses, come to what get through skins absorb a passageway first, clear redundant old useless cutin. In Chun Xia season, because metabolic rate is very rapid, give oil very easily, perspire, we can choose chamfer to pledge clean face creams special perhaps chamfer creams character will clear the dirty stuff on skin. But when gas began to become cold gradually that day, OK should pledge with chamfer model make up water wipes skin, such meetings are gentler.

The 2nd day, a large number of compensatory water are divided

Had done chamfer to work character, skin just about the following day very lack water, when needing a large number of filling water, you can be used keep wet noodle film or contain transparent protect acerbitily character wet make up water comes ministry of Shi Fu face, film of good night face also can be used before sleeping will strengthen nurse, those who had moisture content is moist, corneous layer rises with respect to plentiful be becominged.

The 3rd to 5 days, the United States is white nurse

Had done the pre-construction that bright skin works, next this 3 talents are time of bright skin key, you are OK treat juice of much beautiful white cream as Facial mask will use. The method is to use the United States to make up in vain first leach is wet make up cotton, will be the same as a beautiful Bai Jinghua next fluid is making up on cotton, shi Fu is on the face, the beautiful white effect that does 3 days continuously will be very apparent, absolute value gets you to try.

What must notice nevertheless is the beautiful Bai Hua that wants choice and elite fluid to be the same as series makeup water, such not easy generation are exciting.

The 6th to 7 days, last protect wet nurse

Give skin the beauty although white nutrition is OK the United States is white, but want to let skin luster comes out fully, still want to pay attention to filling water, be full of moisture when corneous layer only when, ability can reflex more lights, the melanin of bottom of consist in flesh and An sink to just can become not apparent, because this is bright,the ending key that skin works still is to be emphasized in filling water respect, complemented only enough much moisture, skin natural meeting glow shines.


2, the fruit that hairdressing protects skin


1, replace filling surface with pomegranate film

The effect with fruit the biggest sick at heart is side derma layer imbibe, but after the woman is 25 years old, the fruit acerbity composition in the skin decreases gradually, did filling surFacial mask to also become necessary homework every week.

The fruit acerbity composition in pomegranate is 3 times of the apple, it is grapy 2.2 times, the bases that this also is product of hairdressing of global new generation is the reason of pomegranate juice. Skin expert points out, want to eat a half pomegranate only, can achieve the filling water result since Facial mask institute. If you squeeze pomegranate juice,come out, drip to go up in the face, after 10 minutes abluent, that the following day the skin can become certainly fresh and juicy is clever!

2, use grapefruit to substitute chewing gum

Expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine points out, 6 those who become above " note issue " result from the stomach is hot. The field mint composition in chewing gum can alleviate temporarily only the stomach that remains in oral cavity is angry, cannot solve a stomach to heat up a problem at all, because the mouth of this chewing gum is enraged,pure and fresh effect won't exceed 2 hours.

The citric aldehyde composition in grapefruit can reduce hydrochloric acid in gastric juice effectively to secrete the speed, happening that reduces gastric heat, generally speaking, eat every morning 3, 4 valve grapefruit, daylong you can have pure and fresh implication!

3, the oil that use an ox replaces a frost if really

Every 100 gram oxen contain 30 grams in oily fruit adipose with a large number of protein, the nutriment of dermal layer complement that this kind of high grade albumen can be palpebral lower part, repair basks in the skin after the injury. Pateluo often uses the Gewennisi after American moviedom day bovine oil replaces eye frost if really, with moist her drying skin.

The composition of dry oleic acid in bovine oil fruit is close to skin fatty acid very much, the oil that use an ox replaces eye frost if really, can let at present arise " film of leather watch fat " , although often stay up late, you also won't produce black rim of the eye easily!

4, use yangtao to replace toothpaste

Brush his teeth to be able to let you carry an implication really after the meal pure and fresh, let a tooth look whiter, more luster. But had brushed his teeth frequency, surface of meeting attaint tooth is ganoid, let a white tooth shift to an earlier date anile!