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How to protect skin with beer? What does the effect effect of beer have?

Beer is a kind of very common wine in the life kind, beer drinks without what too great to the body harm appropriately, still have effect of a few health care, but should notice beer cannot excessive is drinkable, beer can be used not only drinkable, still have the effect of a few hairdressing, so how to protect skin with beer? What does the effect effect of beer have? Everybody introduction is below.

How to protect skin with beer? What does the effect effect of beer have? (1)

1, all sorts of effect of beer

1, satisfy one's thirst: Beer has higher water content (90% above) , drink rise clear fire wet one's whistle, summer bock, just be like mind of cool and refreshing bright, its feel too many beautiful things.

2, aid digestion: Barley, alcohol basically is contained in beer kind, hops composition and much more phenolic material, can promotional gastric juice is secreted, excited stomach function, raise its to digest absorb ability.

3, life-giving: Many organic acid is contained in beer, have pure and fresh, life-giving effect. Right amount and drinkable can reduce excessive excitement and intense sentiment, can promote relax of flesh dried meat floss.

4, shield an eye: Beer contains many vitamin B a group of things with common features, especially vitamin B12 vitamin B2 (riboflavin) . Anaemia of vitamin B12 antagonism and adjust mechanism of metabolization of cerebrum central nervous has certain profit. Vitamin B2 has main effect to protecting vision.

5, diuresis: The natrium of low content in beer, alcohol, nucleic acid can increase the supply of cerebrum blood, outspread coronary artery, accelerate the metabolization activity of human body.

6, pure natural: Beer is make by natural raw material, it is reliable pure natural food.

7, reduce weight: Say according to the expert beer can have very good effect reducing weight. Because very little natrium, protein and calcium are contained in beer, do not contain adipose with cholesterol. Very effective to restraining the too rapid growth of bodily form.

Beer contains a variety of cent of rich protein, candy, vitamins and amino acid to wait, can enhance the immune power of the body effectively, can help purify redundant water is divided inside body and adipose, improve skin condition to reach prevent consenescence.

2, with beer hairdressing

1, beer washs a face

Enter mix into of one cannikin beer the face is washed in clear water, use both hands ego to massage next, till facial badge is small aglow till. Because the ferment of beer is very beneficial to the skin, your skin burnish, glorious, can bouncy, beer washs facial law is a right choice!

2, beer makes up water

half jar beer resembling uses bright skin water to flap euqally at ordinary times facial a minute or so, add next massaged to skin slightly aglow reoccupy Wen Shui is abluent, can discover pore instant decrescent, side of lip of significant still improvement is dark at the same time dumb skin, let rectify piece of face to send out a glamorous sheen feeling.

3, beer bath

Natural malt, hop and vivid yeast are contained among beer, can remove your muscle to loosen, pacify the action of the mood. Mention in Xu Shumin book, she once mixed beer Wen Shui with 1: The scale of 2 is put into bath crock as bath water, immerse next probably 15 minutes. After dip is over, discover the skin becomes very luster and flexibility, can improve the bulky pore of back at the same time.

4, beer Facial mask

The alcohol composition in beer can promote haemal circulation, alimentary skin, stimulative metabolism. The snake in beer is pitted it is a kind of refrigerant, have the effect that prevents whelk, still can cause skin closely, contractible pore. Hold to weekly 1-2 second apply to use beer Facial mask, the pore that can let our face go up is contractible, skin compares a day one day smoother bouncy.

Immerse Facial mask paper in black Pi, beer should have done not have Facial mask paper completely, when Facial mask paper is soaked completely, about 3 minutes or so, apply is on the face. Because alcohol is contained in beer, volatilize faster, so apply about 5 ― 10 minutes can. If considers much spread a little while, be about to continue to complement toward Facial mask paper beer.

Will right amount oaten in pouring beer, sticky consistency feels comfortable and advisable with oneself, oaten with beer sufficient and smooth. Next direct daub is in ministry of facial, neck, hand, 15 minutes or so can clean. Added in beer can deepness cleanness cutaneous is oaten, more the bilge in be helpful for cleared pore, have convergent pore and the effect that accuse oil.

5, beer shampoo

Beer besides can protect skin to also remedial scalp Sao itchs with the action with overmuch scurf, return at the same time can moist hair. Xu Shumin teachs everybody to be before shampoo, use beer to immerse first hair a few minutes, daily shampoo measure is entered after reoccupy lukewarm bath is then clean, insist several days to be able to discover the hair becomes luster is arranged again slippery.

6, beer chamfer pledges

Right amount salt is joined in beer, use rub face next, a few alcohol composition in beer can accelerate haemal circulation, can achieve very good chamfer qualitative result!

But if your skin is more sensitive, the air that waits for beer certainly runs the reuse after light, the carbonic acid composition in can avoiding beer so stimulates the skin.

3, the contraindication that drinks beer

1, should not be eat at the same time bloat fume food

Bloat in fuming goods, contain machine glue and in machining a process because of cook undeserved and the much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon of generation is short kind of benzene and Bi, ammonia is methylic derivative, when content of lead of the blood when water beer release souls from purgatory with respect to heighten, right now afore-mentioned material are united in wedlock with its, can cause digest (digestive food) path disease.

2, should not be be the same as drink with spirited wine

Some people were used to drinking beer immediately drink is spirited wine, such meetings produce stimulation to gastric bowel path, cause digestive function easily disorder.

3, should not be excessive

Drinkable beer will make too much heighten of hematic lead content, if long-term and drinkable will bring about adipose accumulation and block breaks ribonucleic acid synthesis, cause " beer heart " and influence heart function and restrain destroy cerebral cell.

4, digestion disease patient shoulds not be drink

Every is chronic gastritis, stomach and excessive of duodenum ulcer ill patient are drinkable, carbon dioxide makes the pressure of gastric bowel increases easily, easy cause stomach and duodenum ball ministry to ulcer punchs and endanger life.

5, should not be send with beer take drug

Beer and medicaments mix will produce undesirable side effect, can raise acidity already and make medicaments dissolves quickly in the stomach, can destroy blood to absorb again and reduce drug curative effect, even disaster and life.

6, unfavorable and drinkable super- period long the beer of lay aside

The common beer storage life that city makes work is two months commonly, high grade can save 4 months, of bulk for 3~7 day. Exceed period long the beer of lay aside its are much more acerbity material is extremely easy oxidation is aggregate and as muddy as albumen.

7, should not be drinkable and refrigerant beer

Wintry spring is the temperature of beer of keep in storage 9~10 ℃ , the summer is 5~10 ℃ , refrigerant the beer protein after and tannic acid can produce precipitation, yi Zhiwei bowel is unwell cause inappetence.

8, keep in storage of unfavorable and drinkable thermos beer

Wear because of collection is being amassed inside thermos bravery furring, deposit bottle when beer inside hind, the mercury that contains in its furring, cadmium, arsenic, lead, iron (iron food) in waiting for a variety of metal composition what to can be dissolved by the acidity composition in beer and be mixed in beer, the meeting after drink brings about human body metal toxic.