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What does the performance with skin much toxin have? How does skin toxin do more?

Skin also is can toxic, if our body metabolism is slow, the skin can appear toxic symptom, and skin toxin accumulates tall word, can affect cutaneous position, nature of skin out of order appears problem of a lot of skin, so, what does the performance with skin much toxin have? How does skin toxin do more? Will look below.

What does the performance with skin much toxin have? How does skin toxin do more? (1)

1, the performance with much toxin

1, facial ministry skins overstaffed

The face looks than fat at ordinary times circuit, seeming is abnormal dropsy, don't have eduction because of toxic element?

2, skin is not had stiff stretch

Facial ministry skin feels closely, loosen completely not quite, going out is dirty look, everybody won't estrange with me!

3, dark and gloomy of color of skin

It is face of a piece of poker completely, black not quite bright, how can you just let skin give healthy state fully?

2, the method that discharges poison

Skin of facial massage product accumulates silt toxin, can make facial haemal circulation more smooth through proper massage gimmick, cooperate facial massage frost makes skin better do Massage. Selection of product of film of the face that discharge poison can purify the film of a face of skin thoroughly, the accumulation in purify skin is corneous, and let skin get slow with loosen, make skin calm, element of eduction much pernicious influence.

Step1 microscope is corneous accumulation circumstance

After abluent skin, the light that observes skin carefully lustre degree reach pore, judge the corneous accumulation situation of different position, simple way of chamfer of use specific aim.

Step2 is meticulous and cleared cutin

chamfer simple product massages skin, with cotton piece the gentle cleanness after brushing chamfer simple product skins. Notice not excessive attrition.

Step3 cooperates to massage Facial mask to discharge poison

Both hands bends, with show joint is pressed press chin to be in the point with concentrated platoon lymphatic cloth, press repeatedly press 50 times, let whole face feel the relaxation after massaging feels.

3, filling water keeps wet weapon

Protect wet blind area one: Between the eyebrows

Symptom: Desquamate

Eliminate illiteracy: Daub of escape eye week

When, did not forget to take care of between the eyebrows and brow, especially between the eyebrows can repeat much besmear a few times.

Protect wet blind area 2: Ear hind

Symptom: Tighten stretch tight

Origin: Here skin is very sensitive, this place also chooses to test allergic level mostly when try out cosmetic, because this is very easy because of dry and taut facial skin, produce unwell move.

Eliminate illiteracy: Maintain facial hind, did not forget to be in auditive all around daub a few protect Shi Shuang, reoccupy both hands is massaged gently, still conduce to slow and nervous nerve.

Protect wet blind area 3: Nose

Symptom: Desquamate, aglow, Sao itchs

Origin: The place with systemic the most concentrated sebaceous glands, even if drying skin also is met character herein secretes grease, in the winter instead because nurse excessive and bring about dry.

Eliminate illiteracy: Reduce the number that nose film nurses, if feeling an oil is too much, alone daub is compared facial maintain more relaxed cream.

Protect wet blind area 4: Canthus

Symptom: Wrinkle

Origin: Want to see through one the individual's age, choose an eye. The skin that sees this position has much too weak to stand a gust of wind, suffer an environment the most easily to affect and dry unripe grain.

Eliminate illiteracy: The eye frost with right choice is very important, the ring finger that uses both hands tries to massage, the strength of this finger suits to massage eye ministry most. Make eye film every week.