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What to skin limp performance has? How is precautionary skin flabby?

Skin is the expression of skin consenescence actually flabbily, also can say the signal that is skin premature senility, and the problem with female friend occurrence flabby skin when, the matter of skin collagen albumen that this shows you is in prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin flexibility is in serious fall, so, what to skin limp performance has? How is precautionary skin flabby? Those who read an article will solve below.

What to skin limp performance has? How is precautionary skin flabby? (1)

1, skin is behaved flabbily

Pore became elliptically

Should think to skin too oily ability can maintain big pore only, the reason that pore greatens can have not merely. After 25 years old, skin blood begins to slow circularly, adipose layer also begins subcutaneous tissue to become flabby and be deficient in flexibility, bring about the tension between pore to reduce thereby, make pore by " spin " into elliptic.

Always be a piece of balsam pear face

If the person all round recently always says you have face of a piece of balsam pear, see oneself do not say where to give actually to the mirror incorrect head, but the person looks a pair of slouching look, always be grouchy about, because your face began a pine to break down,be actually.

Abhorrent decretal lines comes raid

Perhaps look in the mirror everyday you, the decretal grain that cannot discover oneself at all becomes deep, the photograph before once you are right,can attending oneself 3 years meets those who discover decretal grain to highlight. Of decretal grain because,highlighting is, you are zygomatic the skin of place begins ageing flabby, direct straining squashs and bring about.

Side face outline punch-drunk

Perhaps you see the face oneself, did not become aware a specification is inappropriate, once side face takes a looking glass,can be, you can discover yourself originally the side face with distinct lines has become attrib border and ambiguous, and have become trend repeatedly with the neck, this explains, your skin already stealthily flabby straining.

Corners of the mouth gradually flagging

Prolapse of corners of the mouth makes the person is shown it seems that certainly old, if you once bullish corners of the mouth has begun to appear piece " 8 " glyph, that explains, the skin of your corners of the mouth has begun flabby.

2, precautionary skin is flabby

Feminine consenescence always is faster than the man, want so oneself look young what must want to do is to nurse the skin, let the skin do not move toward consenescence as far as possible, what should do above all so is to prevent the skin flabby, only the skin sent ability closely to won't appear the trace of years, the skin that 5 methods let you becomes tight send, no longer flabby.

Right amount water

The water content in human body tissue fluid is amounted to 72% , the water content inside adult body is 58%-67% . When human body moisture decreases, meeting occurrence skin is dry, sebaceous glands is secreted decrease, make the skin loses flexibility thereby, appear even furrow. Absorb to assure what water divides, the woman is daily water the quantity should be controlled for 1200 milliliter.

Often eat contain a lot ofthe food of the vitamin

The vitamin is anile to preventing the skin, maintain the skin exquisite and moist having main effect. Japanese scholar discovers vitamin E is fought to the skin decline have main effect. Because vitamin E can destroy the chemical active of freedom radical, restrain consenescence thereby. Vitamin E still has prevent fat brown element ad cool-headed at cutaneous action. Scientists discover, of fat brown element generate with cross oxidation fat kind about. Contain the food with vitamin much E to oil of seed of cabbage, sunflower, rapeseed oil waits. Vitamin A, b also is the skin the material with smooth indispensable fine and glossy.

Feed chalybeate more food

Skin burnish is ruddy, need the blood with ample supply. Iron is one of bases of element of the blood red in forming blood, reason should eat rich chalybeate food more. Wait like animal liver, yoke, kelp, laver.

Increase contain a lot ofintake of collagen albumen and stretch albumen alimental

Collagen albumen can make the cell becomes plump, make skin thereby plentiful, furrow decreases. Stretch albumen can make skin flexibility of the person increases, make the skin smooth thereby and be full of flexibility. Contain a lot ofthe food with collagen albumen and stretch much albumen to tendon of muscle of pig hoof, animal and pigskin wait.

Want to notice alkalescent alimental is absorbed

Cereal of the fish that has in daily life, flesh, birds, egg, grain all be physiology acidity. Weight acidity food can make humoral with heighten of acid content of the lactic acid in blood, make water. When organic acid cannot outside seasonable eduction body when, can erode sensitive cuticular cell, make the skin is lost exquisite with flexibility. To counteract composition of the acidity inside body, friend should take some of physiology alkalescent food, wait like apple, pear, orange and vegetable.

3, the blind angle that protect skin introduces

Ancon genu maintains:

The skin consenescence problem of place of knee, elbow is to pass any maintaining to taste and medical hairdressing method compares difficult changeover, so although a lot of female star look very beautiful from skin condition, but want careful attention only ancon genu place can discover actually they already not young. The skin of ancon genu place is facing dry problem normally, the corneous layer of these two place special massiness, and blood-vessel distributings the skin of otherer than the body also position wants a lot of less, together with lacks sebaceous glands, decline extremely easily so old.

Resemble facial like protecting skin, ancon genu place maintains ferially of working need successive go doing, fixed use cutin is clean kind grind arenaceous product bright and clean skin, tu Shangzi embellish spends better body later frost or it is to permeate the oil protecting skin with powerful force, the blemish of skin protective screen that compensatory skin fat shorts place is caused. After using Facial mask at ordinary times, also can put in knee place wet apply, help better soft and corneous layer, compensatory nutrition, reuse becomes velar sex later better protect wet product to be skin filling oil, cannot pass how long can the skin of ancon genu place become very meticulous Bai Xi.

Sufficient with maintain:

Sufficient the skin that follows position can calculate going up is us the most painstaking in systemic skin, we everyday motion walks to must rely on double foot, and the consequence that this kind of long-term attrition brings is sufficient with grow a many chrysalis, namely corneous layer is proliferous, meet even in the winter craze, cause inflammation and ache. The skin of place of the genu that be the same as ancon is similar, sufficient follow to also do not have sebaceous glands, won't secrete grease to come from me protect so, at the same time the deficient of hypodermic blood-vessel can be brought about sufficient cannot get with skin of the nutrition in blood moist, as time passes becomes very dry, cannot show sense of healthy cutaneous burnish.

The enough juice of a few wash one's hair that contain part of Chinese herbal medicine can be added in water when daily wash one's hair is enough, conditional of course word adds oil of a few essence also is first-rate, can eliminate peculiar smell already, still can promote thenar blood abide to change, bate qualitative layer, let sufficient ministry skin become soft. Undertake twice every week sufficient nurse with cutin, use grind arenaceous product or use special rub foot stone, movement must gentle, sufficient ministry nerve is not sensitive, easy cause the skin that is aware of not easily to injure haemorrhage. After all clean programs undertake ending, did not forget to sufficient ministry Tu Shangfeng is shut model better frost kind, because do not have sebaceous glands, need not worry about a product so whether too massiness can cause pore to jam. If at hand does not have special sufficient department to keep wet product, the high density such as vaseline seals sexual grease also is very good choice, can let before one night sufficient with become soft tender slippery.

Hand ministry maintains:

The leather fat level that hand ministry skins is lower also, be in bare condition all the year round, and major work must rely on both hands ability to finish, and stem from wholesome consideration, we do not know one day to want to wash how many times hand, that exclusive and only skin fat also is met as the bacterium smudgy flow into sewer together, so dry became the challenge with hand ministry the biggest skin.

Unlike facial maintain program early in the morning the rule of one evening, wash one's hands and do not have time limitation, dirty be about to wash, go out come back to also want to wash, feel money or want to wash, such looking it is insufficient that the frost that protect a hand affirms a daub of morning and evening. Want to put frostlike powder of hand of on a few timbering more in his eye shot, be like commode, desk, the place such as the head of a bed, convenient often daub. The recipe quality of a material of the frost that protect a hand is unfavorable too too fat, can reduce otherwise use cheerful sense, what also can create the job is disadvantageous. The plant is oily + petrolatum recipe is had have good lock the depth, cooperate alcohol of a few red myrrh to wait at the same time slow composition can help hand ministry skin counteractive outside is stimulated more.