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Does the man look how to fight consenescence to do? What does the male fight consenescence to should eat?

Fighting consenescence is the thing of female friends not only, male friends also should be paid attention to fight consenescence, because good thing always is the look that can draw people more, so now is female friends should fight consenescence not only, male friends also should be paid attention to euqally fight consenescence. The commonnest in the life fighting anile method is dietotherapy, so does the man look how to fight consenescence to do? What does the male fight consenescence to should eat?

Does the man look how to fight consenescence to do? What does the male fight consenescence to should eat? (1)

1, the man looks fight consenescence how to be done

Subtle move one: Every night Morpheus 7 hour

A by a definite date 22 years, touch the new delibrate of 21268 adult is invented, man every night Morpheus is little at 7 hours, die early the risk is added 26% , but surmount 8 hours, also can make die early the risk is added 24% .

Subtle move 2: Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline

According to story of mana medicine magazine, the surface of nicotian is compared not nicotian at least old 5 years old of above. Smoking and facial ministry furrow are deepened about, can nicotian often often the smoke that eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one's eyes produces with avoid cigarette.

Subtle move 3: Much drink water

The water that we absorb if divides lack, the body can be consumed gradually from soma humoral, make phenomenon of dehydrate of soma happening draw well. The skin of dehydration appears formalist, corrugate. The method that deal with is very complex: Drink 8-10 dock-glass water every day.

Subtle move 4: Less than is raised outside, the United States from eat and drink and come

The skin is form by the cell, and the nutrition with cellular proper demand in order to offer its develop, attentive and comprehensive food includes rich unripe fruit, vegetable and fiber are qualitative, can assist the body to maintain advantageous carry to make a function, the skin is with can be in height appearance.

Every day the water of drinkable medlar and American ginseng bubble, can raise the skin to recruit aerobic talent, and rise go to the beauty white penitentiary. Medlar contains the part such as acid of sulphur of a variety of medlar polysaccharide, amino acid, microelement, vitamin, ox, alkaloid, naphtha, have nourishing liver kidney, profit sharp end result. And West intervenes other ginseng shoulds not, have filling energy of life already penitentiary, have method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood again penitentiary, after taking won't suffer from excessive internal heat. Hypothesis itself anger is great, can be in water plus chrysanthemum, can Shu Fengqing heat, cool blood bright eye.

Subtle move 5: Vitamin A divides a grain

Follow age to add, cellular metempsychosis process is clear decelerate, the skin lacks collagen albumen. This eye ministry that in human body skin the smallest part, ply is 0.02 millimeter only expresses the most clearly. New delibrate is invented, vitamin A conduce produces new collagen protein, divide it is good to knit the effect.

Subtle move 6: Fitness having oxygen can be fought anile

Evidence shows, those who have the law oxygen takes exercise can be deferred or changeover the anile process of this one callosity, although you already entered old age. Delibrate shows, stop relative high strength temporarily oxygen takes exercise can make the greatest gift having oxygen increases 25% , add 6 milliliter namely, be equivalent to subtracting the 10 psychological age that reach 12 years old. Those who have oxygen campaign is active and penitentiary still have: Reduce the risk; that contracts severe disease to because maintained sex of muscle ability, balance and harmonic sex,accelerate the rehabilitation speed; after get hurt or falling ill and the risk that reduces tumble.

Subtle move 7: Follow closely young method

Consenescence of the bottom of one's heart is more more horrible than outside consenescence, the man wants to fight consenescence truly, custodial a young heart, than what important.

Subtle move 8: Dietary health nutrition

Enter some of choice seafood more appropriately kind food, because choice seafood is contained " zinc " much, about enhancing body function it is beneficial. At the same time cent can assist the body to draw more nutrition part.

Subtle move 9: Hold to sense of humor

Humour and comical it is to hold to green ageless the biggest doohickey. Modern life metre is accelerated, pressure of metropolis person task is great, produce function of draw well body casually decline, inferior healthy state.

Subtle move 10: Bosom mind is magnanimous it is ageless doohickey

Disposition is optimistic, do not trouble for bagatelle of area of body border area, bosom mind is magnanimous it is ageless doohickey, the body is depressed can bring about the man is principal.

2, the man fights consenescence what to eat

1, cruelly oppress

A large number of protein can be absorbed in cruelly oppress, and green pepper and red pointed any of several hot spice plants are the food with vitamin C the richest content (100 grams green pepper contains 100mg vitamin C) , and contain a lot ofthe food with vitamin the richest E to count firm fruit (such as Song Ren) .

2, pig hoof

Pig hoof contains collagen protein, can add skin flexibility, defer consenescence.

3, honey

Honey has embellish bowel to discharge poisonous effect, conduce to alleviate endocrinopathy.

4, south melon seeds

Melon seeds contains a lot ofvitamin E south, and these nutriment are natural antioxidant, can help defer consenescence.

The method that has what food to fight consenescence man how to fight consenescence to fight consenescence

5, on the west orchid

Orchid is contained a lot ofon the west fight oxide vitamin C and carotene, opening the vegetable of crossed flower to already was confirmed by scientists is best fight consenescence and the food that fight cancer, and fish is optimal protein origin.

6, wax gourd

Wax gourd contains a lot ofrich vitamin C, to the collagen albumen of skin and bounce fiber, can have favorable moist effect. Often edible, of OK and effective counteractive and earlier furrow generate, make skin tender and smooth.

7, onion

Onion but clear blood, reduce cholesterol, fight consenescence, and seafood can offer many protein, contain a lot ofzinc at the same time.