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Is winter skin dry how to do? What does winter hairdressing protect the doohickey of skin to have?

Hiemal moment, the skin of a lot of people is drier, need has done filling water to keep the wet job that protect skin, hiemal moment, want to notice to drink water more, the water of compensatory body is divided, still can keep the product protecting skin with wet good effect with a few filling water, so is winter skin dry how to do? What does winter hairdressing protect the doohickey of skin to have? Everybody introduction is below.

Is winter skin dry how to do? What does winter hairdressing protect the doohickey of skin to have? (1)


1, winter protects skin small doohickey


Doohickey one: Sparge is protected wet, sparge just is carried, can realize the function that maintains wet filling water at any time and place again, we can be being wrapped a bottle of small sparge is put in the bag, lie between gush of period of time, be helpful for the supply of skin moisture, of course, we are in spray after facial ministry, also should dab facial ministry, let elite absorb, unapt take away our facial moisture.

Doohickey 2: Humidifier humidifier, can let the air all round hold wet position, it is the content of the first selection of lazy MM, we are in moil when, a humidifier is put on desk, can reduce facial and dry symptom, also can reduce a few radiation, from go up at all solve dry problem, let skin get slow.

Doohickey 3: Filling water maintains article, all skin problems, it is to come from at skin lack water, want to solve dry and intolerable skin, want above all from maintain article on proceed with, we can choose efficient filling water + keep wet product, before sleeping, need not use wipe a thick, let skin breath, but also have to wipe, because skin is in nightly meeting prediction of a person's luck in a given year is many very, awake in the morning daub protects skin to taste also is the key that protects skin, as a result of the special situation with winter dry climate, the MM that drying skins is OK in the morning take out washs the measure of grandma.

Doohickey 4: BB frost, prevent dry besides maintain tasted depth maintains, we still can be in " the surface " on acting husband, before going out, the thick BB frost on daub, the first advantage is to be able to let us have a relaxed aspect, the 2nd advantage is to be able to keep out a hiemal bleak, the last advantage is to make skin and explicit dry climate completely cut off, form a natural diaphragm.


2, winter protects skin little common sense



(1) clean face


Winter skin is clean should proper, must not excessive. The person of oily skin in summer appropriate is used strengthen model clean skin is tasted come cleanness is much oilier the skin of much sweat, but convert in winter appropriate gentle model clean skin product. Medium, dry model skin can choose lotion of lipophilicity clean skin, dirty in cleared dirt while, the characteristic that uses its oil to divide is moist and downy dry skin. Additional, winter washs facial frequency to cannot pass much, morning and evening two can, skin otherwise can stretch tight more closely dry.


(2) moves moderately


Be like,often do a few exercise skip, kick shuttlecock, ascend building, setting-up exercise, swim etc, can promote blood loop, quicken airframe metabolism, can have the dispel cold heat preservation, effect that improve the health not only, and also can let face become naturally radiant, be full of flexibility.


(3) takes off bits


Reduce when outside air temperature, when air is drier, cutaneous pore often is in contractive condition, cuticular ageing cutin falls off not easily. Cuticular thickening can protect the skin to will not lose moisture and nutrient too much, but also make protect skin to taste at the same time be absorbed by the skin hard, cannot rise moist the action that maintain. Accordingly, preventing the skin to take off bits is a when winter protects skin important segment. Can take off bits frost to shop or beauty parlour choice, the guidance in hairdressing adviser young lady or professional beautician buys the kind that fits him skin condition below the proposal, use every week 1, 2. Use method is: After evening uses skin of Wen Shuiqing clean, will take off bits frost Tu Yu is facial, escape eye week, after several minutes issue its down skin grain rub, reoccupy clear water washs clean face, dab soft skin water in order to balance facial acid-base value, next put on the skin protects skin to maintain article, skin can feel relaxed all the more breathe freely, moist and comfortable.


(4) is prevented bask in


Microtherm, air conditioning can is opposite the skin of wintry day constitutes menace, however the harm to insolation we are same cannot oversight. Of days outdoors, nowhere is not in ultraviolet ray, it can destroy cutaneous fibre and collagen albumen, cause skin flabby ageing, can promote the synthesis of melanin, make face dark and gloomy, unripe outstanding spot. Accordingly, when winter goes out, also need to bask in frost or contain the hairdressing that fights ultraviolet agent to taste to skin be prevented on besmear.


(5) is facial massage


Massage can quicken haemal circulation, increase cutaneous blood flow, make the skin warms up, pore dilate, eduction is old old cuticular cell. If besmear be massaged after the frost that use milk-like liquid, can promote the skin absorption to lacteal frostlike powder, raise cutaneous to defend wet performance. In the winter, answer facial from above to below, do ministry of a few minutes of clockface to massage by indrawn other place. Do not cross the person with sensitive skin to appropriate is done less or be not done.


(6) is moist protect wet


Moisture is to maintain the main factor of skin health richness, rich flexibility, accordingly, choose contain a lot ofprotect wet factor to reach a variety of nutrition part, what can add skin cutin moisture content is moist protect wet breast very necessary. Choose moist when keeping wet product, the skin property that can combine oneself tries to consider. Generally speaking, oily skin person the heat preservation that appropriate chooses fluid shape nurses article, permeability of this kind of product is strong, cause pore not easily to jam and hamper the skin metabolizes normally. The person that skin of neuter, drying pledges, appropriate chooses the frost with the good performance that defend water to cream kind moist protect wet article, in order to reduce skin moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Night is the optimal opportunity that inputs nutrition for the skin, this what is appropriate to the occasion chooses those who contain a lot ofvegetable oil and acidity grease to protect skin to maintain agent, make the skin sufficient derive nutrient.